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Dark Masked Black & Tan German Shepherds


The kennel club website states that the average in-breeding genetic co-efficient for the GSD breed is: 3.4%


As each ‘type’ of GSD commonly goes back to common ancestors then as a general rule of thumb different ‘types’ of GSD (i.e. European show lines) are more likely to have a higher genetic co-efficient than crosses between the ‘types’ of GSD.


Including all of Merjuke GSD’S litters & their planned litters up until the end of 2012 we have had:


Litters that are crosses between the different ‘types’ of GSD: 71.9%

Litters that are of one ‘type’ of GSD only: 28.1%


The kennel club has calculated the genetic co-efficient for every litter Merjuke GSDS has had including our 2 planned litters which will not be available until 2013:


Our results included the following according to the kennel club:


Litters that had 0.00% genetic co-efficient: 54.6%

Litters that had 0.01% genetic co-efficient: 9.1%

Litters that are below the kennel club’s average genetic co-efficient for the GSD breed: 79%


Aside from 1 planned working line litter that will be 0.2% above the average genetic co-efficient for the GSD breed Merjuke litters that were above this average were of pure European show lines.

This was despite the fact that some of these litters contained NO line-breeding in their pup’s 5 generation pedigrees, or on some occasions little line breeding that was further back in the pup’s pedigrees (such as 4 – 5) alongside lines from parents that resided abroad.


We believe that Merjuke’s overall in-breeding genetic co-efficient averages for every litter that Merjuke has had including the planned ones up until the end of 2012 are probably below the overall in-breeding genetic co-efficient averages of a lot of GSD breeders within the UK.


But without easily available data on every litter that every breeder has ever had & is planning to have of course we can only speculate this on the basis of the fact that unlike a lot of breeders we do commonly cross the different ‘types’ of GSD which will increase the genetic diversity of the resulting pups.

Prior to 2012 under KC rules a breeder could KC register puppies from a female that was between 12 months to 8 years of age without time limitations between each litter & they could have a maximum of 6 KC registered litters from each female.

Since 2012 the KC has limited KC registered litters to 4 per female alongside having no more than 2 c-sections per female.


Despite owning dogs with gorgeous hip & elbow scores, pedigrees, show results (even dogs that had a pet passport) we:



For example:

Cleo and Faye have never had a litter by 4 ½ years of age

Minnie Me, La La, Vixen, and Kuro have had 1 litter

Ulla, Bluebell, Tessa, Milly, Hope, Bo have had 2 litters (although Ulla has also had a litter for her breeder)

Riot & Foss have had litters to 3 different males each

We also retain puppies from our litters (for example we have retained 5 pups from Riot, 4 from Hope, 3 & 1 in co-ownership from Callie, 3 & 1 in co-ownership from Ulla, and 1 from Milly) & we also keep our oldies.


Please see our dog’s personal pages for not only more details on them, but also for details on the litters that they have had.

A few of my homes have also gone onto have their own litters from a dog that that has been bred by me.  For example an agility judge's successful agility female has in turn produced progeny that have also been successful within agility competition. Another home who competes within confirmation has a female that was successful within confirmation competition, and that in turn has progeny that have also been successful within confirmation competitions. A 3rd home who is aiming to compete in IPO with another imported dog also has a female bred by myself that is PAT qualified (etc.), and she in turn has produced a registered therapy dog, and a dog that has had success within obedience & confirmation competition (etc.). 

These dogs proved that they not only had qualities themselves that enabled them to win within a verity of different competitions (in addition to having good hips, elbows, etc.), but that they also had the ability to produce progeny not bred by myself that could also win within a wide range of disciplines (and to date have also produced progeny with proven good hips and elbows, etc.). 


Raised within a family environment & extensively socialised


 Sable German Shepherds


We own dogs that have won and / or produced the following:


Crufts 1st place winner

Been on the podium at the British Seiger

Multiple Best of Breed winners

Multiple Best Puppy in Breed winners

Multiple Group place winners

Multiple Puppy Group place winners

Multiple Crufts qualifiers

Multiple 1st place winners

Multiple VP graded

Multiple VG graded

Obedience 1st place winners

Multiple KC Gold, Silver & Bronze good citizen winners

Multiple agility placement winners

SPR1 holder (80%)

BH holder

AD holder

Dogs in training for BH & IPO awards

Dogs in training for working trials

PAT qualified

Trained /  in training for search & rescue work

In training for canicross

Sheep & Cow herders

Police dogs

Prison service dogs

Demonstration dog

WALCSS 1st place winners

WALCSS best standard coat female in show

WALCCS best standard coat puppy in show

Beloved pets including those that live with very young children and other pets

We are very proud of the fact that Merjuke dogs have proven themselves in competition that demonstrates both their BRAINS AND BEAUTY.





Are raised indoors

Are exposed to children / cats / hens / sheep (broken to stock)

Are exposed to puzzle solving toys

Extensively socialised on my private land including experiencing loud noises such as planes taking off and landing near them, a sit on lawn mower, a blank firer, etc.

Come with a way above average puppy pack including 4 weeks insurance

Weaned and raised on a premium diet

Wormed with Drontal worming liquid

Come with an invitation to join a facebook page for the litter

Puppy aptitude tested

Commonly have a 0% KC genetic coefficient (please ask about a litter for further details)

I have hip & elbow scored every puppy that I have purchased or retained & every non hip scored adult since I entered the GSD breed.


All of my foundational females (Callie, Ulla & Riot) have produced singular value BVA hip scores & perfect BVA elbow scores. 

Hope (a Ulla daughter) and Bluebell (a Callie daughter) our first generation dogs have also produced singular value BVA hip scores & perfect BVA elbow scores in our second generation dogs.  

All of my dogs are:


Hip and elbow scored

Haemophilia tested clear if a male