BLUEBELL (Tessa's litter sister)

Bluebell as a puppy: Achiever of a KC good citizen puppy award


Bluebell 4 1/2 years of age in the snow

Kuba (Kuba is Tessa and Bluebells litter sibling.) 



Above 2 pictures from the left: Milo at 4 months of age


Milo is a Bluebell pup from her 1st litter that she had at 4 1/2 years of age.


Milo lives with Alan on a farm & we will be aiming to put some more pictures of him on the site at a later date. 


Here is what Alan had to say about Milo:


" I feel so proud when i take him down the harbor in Bridlington and people say what a beautiful looking puppy he is.  twice i have been asked if i would sell him    NO CHANCE  i hope you feel as proud of him as i do "


Left: Milo shortly after settling into his new house.


We find that the depth of red pigmentation within these lines commonly intensifies with age, as can be seen both within Milo, and within his cousin Elsa whom was 'silver' at 8 weeks of age.




Above: A long-coat Bluebell pup from her 1st litter at 4 1/2 weeks of age.


Bluebell not only consistently produces very loved members of people's families, but also very eye catching pigmentation, level top-lines, etc.


Bluebell's genetics and the way we raised the puppies was the equivalent to an 'architecture' designing a potential building.

Whereas the puppies temperaments, build, hip & elbow status's were all affected by the 'builders' AKA Bluebell's puppies forever homes.

Thus we must give a huge thank you to all of our families who helped turn Bluebell's puppies into the adored pets that they are today.




Milo a puppy from Bluebell's first litter

Lexi a puppy from Bluebell's 2nd & only other litter

Above: Lexi 27th May 1st place at WALCSS show under a breed judge

Bluebell had 2 litters in her life.



The kennel club states that the average inbreeding coefficient for the GSD breed is: 3.4%



Both of these litters were to 2 different males that were European show lines with working qualifications.

Thus the fact that the fathers of Bluebell’s 2 litters were of a different ‘type’ to Bluebell herself would have helped to have further increased her pup’s genetic diversity.

Both of the father's of Bluebell's litters did not share 1 common ancestor with Bluebell in at least the 5 generations that made up their pup's pedigrees, and this would have also increased their pup's genetic diversity..


Tattooed & micro chipped for further identity

Hip & Elbow scored under general aesthetic at 1 year & 1 month of age

Bluebell will work for a ball or a treat. 

Bluebell is a very loving girl, who loves playing with you and a toy.  For some unbeknown reason her favorite toy is a hard dumbbell that is attached to a rope which results in it rolling around. 

Bluebell is also very food focused, and she loves recounting tricks and commands for nothing more than the pure pleasure of pleasing you.


I love how Bluebell is so intuitive; a perfect reflection of what you are feeling.  If you are happy then she is prances around with a big wagging tail, getting up to naughty tricks, and putting her head on the side with a big silly 'smile'.  If you are sad then she sits right next to you with her head in your lap, and she looks up at you with big mournful love me eyes.  With such an expression you can't fail to be sad for long. 

Bluebell has a heart of gold & she not only adores to make me happy she also loves looking after and playing with any puppies that we have / retain (I always leave her as a puppy baby sitter).

Although I love all of my dogs I don’t think that I will ever find a dog as special as Bluebell. Bluebell is 100% my total heart dog.

Bluebell produced the following hip & elbow scores:


(This girl’s father’s BVA hip total was 17 & his elbows BVA total was 0)

(This girl’s father’s BVA hip total was 7 & he was a son of the last dog that was used on Bluebell)

Bluebell’s litter sibling has: BVA hip score total 4 & BVA elbow score total 0

Bluebell's litter brother has also had his hips & elbows x-rayed at approx. 3 1/2 years of age, a vet has predicted excellent hips & perfect elbows, but the owners did not submit them to the BVA.

Bluebell’s ½ sister has: BVA hip score total 9 & BVA elbow score total 0

Bluebell’s aunt (who has a very similar pedigree to Bluebell & who was scored under GA a week off her 2nd birthday) has: BVA hip score total 5 & BVA elbow score total 0

Bluebell’s other Aunt (the litter sister of the above Aunt & who was scored at over 2 ½ years of age) has: BVA hip score total 10


Zena was x-rayed without the use of sedation or GA & still got the following hip & elbow scores:


At 5 months & 7 days of age Zena took her:

We will update her agility results at a later date.

Zena lives with Joanne and her family. Zena has had her 1st litter prior to being spayed, and her puppies are already silver and bronze good citizen holders alongside being in training for competitive agility.

Zena a Bluebell daughter from her 1st litter.

Zena at 2 years of age: She is a princess just like her mummy :-)


Lexi at 16 months of age: The above pictures show her in the process of winning her high jumping class at her 1st agility training session. 


Lexi has the following awards:

BVA hip score: BVA total 12 (6:6)

DM tested clear

AD qualified

Bronze KC good citizen award prior to 12 months of age

Silver KC good citizen award prior to 12 months of age

Gold KC good citizen award prior to 12 months of age

PAT qualified prior to 12 months of age

1st place in confirmation (Junior class at WALCSS level under a breed judge)

4th place (Adolescent class at WALCSS level under a breed judge)

1st place in a fun high jumping agility class at 16 months of age

3rd place in special beginners obedience class

As can be seen by the above Lexi is proving that she has both health, brains, and beauty via a wide verity of results in different areas of competition.

I also find it ironic that she has taken to her agility training like a duck to water just as her successful competition agility 1/2 sister Zena has. 

However it is Lexi's PAT status that strums the most strings in my heart!!!

As you may have read above one of the aspects I adore about Lexi's mother is how intuitive she is, her gentle caring nature, and her ability to always put a huge smile on my face and love in my life just by being in my company.

Thus I was over the moon that Lexi did not only pass her PAT test, but that she also inherited this special quality to her nature.  The tales that her home recounts of her antics and behavior when working with people who are suffering long term health problems would not only bring a lump to your throat, but often tears to your eyes.

Lexi like her mother is an extremely special GSD who brings a lot of love and happiness to many people's lives.

Lexi lives with Cheryl and Rob and their family.  Lexi has had her first litter which at 5 months of age already includes good citizen holders, and 1st place obedience class & confirmation winners.

Above: Lexi at 17 months of age

Kuba wearing his dog jacket 13th September 2009

Kuba lives with Anna and Tom who are both surgeons who originally planned to train him in search and rescue (as a puppy he used to get into trouble for running over the tree trunks too fast), but who have since moved  to Germany.

Bluebell only had 2 litters in her entire life.

Zena has had 1 litter before being spayed.

At the time that her owner had the litter I was not in a position to be able to have a puppy. I deeply regretted this after, as I fell in love with one of her daughters who reminded me of Zena's mother, and whom herself is going onto do very well in the agility ring (as is her litter brother, etc.).

Zena's progeny have gone onto be very successful within the agility ring.

Lexi has had one litter in 2013.

Lexi had a second litter in 2014.

I was very lucky to have been allowed to obtain a puppy from Lexi's first litter.

This puppy has brought me a LOT of happiness as well as 1st places both in the obedience and confirmation ring since a tiny puppy.

She has also produced a therapy dog, a dog in training for canicross with the current Canicross Champion, etc.

Milo has never had a litter.


Kuba has never had a litter.