Foss’s Critiques

Dark pigmentation, a strong yet pretty expression, high set ear carriage, correct tail set and shape, a level top-line, and a full if rather long outer coat help to create a pleasing outline.  Great breadth in which the correctly shaped feet point forwards, strong low set hock joints, a beautiful turn of stifle, and good fore-angulations help to further enhance the picture created when Foss stops naturally in a perfect stance.  Foss would benefit further if she were to be short-coated, and from a greater length of foreleg: height & chest ratio in combination with a better angulated upper arm (a pet home not interested in showing would not care if their dog’s upper arm was 44.5 degrees as opposed to 45 degrees, but in terms of the show ring, as well as in terms of producing the ultimate representation of the breed standard angulations, etc. have to be perfect).


Judge’s written and verbal comments include the following:


“Feminine looking. Has a good shape. Good proportions”


“Very pretty, lovely in confirmation, lovely on the move, and although my preference is not for the plush coat she was the best dog within her class”


“She is gorgeous, and if she stays exactly like this when she is older she will be beautiful”

I confirmed that this meant that he would like nothing changed within her, and he corroborated this.



Arkashan Fanto: Foss’s KC Gold Good Citizen holder & Championship 1st place & stud book number winning father. He is in training for his working trials awards & has fun competing his agility training.


Asoka Kalipso: Foss’s 1st place winning mother in both obedience & confirmation classes.  This dog is also Tessa (1st place, BPIB & BOB winner) & Bluebell's (good citizen holder) mother & Grandmother of a PAT dog & successful agility dog & KC bronze silver and gold good citizen holders, a BH holder, and a dog in training for competitive obedience.

Zasko von Santamar: Foss’s European Youth Seiger SCH III Grandfather (a Belgium import) who is of European show lines with working qualifications. He is also a producer of working & active police dogs including Foss’s uncle, as seen in ITV’s send in the dogs.


Limasmythe Rutland Remus:

Foss’s Gold KC Good citizen holding Grandmother who is also a producer of active police dogs (she has produced 100% pass successes to the 4 different males that she went to) including one as seen on ‘send in the dogs’.  Foss’s Grandmother is a sable who is of working lines (European & UK obedience working lines & European show lines with working qualifications known to produce working dogs including active police dogs). She was bred by Limasmythe, & is a daughter of a Tiekerhook Dutch import (VZH & VHI) & another Limasmythe girl renowned for producing multiple service & working dogs.

Verdandi Golden Eagle Of Asoka: Foss’s Old English show lined winner of confirmation classes Grandfather.  His litter brother produced another Old English show-lined CC & BOB winning sable male at breed Championship level

Foss has had puppies to 3 males.

Foss's last litter was born 5th July 2012.

The first two males unfortunately produced a majority of long-coats within their litters to Foss.  At the time long-coated puppies could not be successfully shown within the UK (this has since changed).

I fell head over heels in love with a puppy from Foss's last litter.  But unfortunately this litter was born not too long after I had lost a female (I had lost her to cancer, and I had tried to give her veterinary attention at the first signs that she was ill.  But tragically it was not meant to be.) who tore my soul apart from her loss.  I was extremely heart broken for many months to follow.  Because of this when the puppies were getting closer to 8 weeks of age I did not think that it was the right time to keep a puppy. I do still think about this puppy, but I believe that I made the right decision at that moment in time.

Foss as a youngster


Foss is the dam to:

Foss is the aunt to:

1/2 sibling to:

On a very cold & snowing afternoon

Foss’s World Champion Double Seiger & Junior Seiger SCH III Great-Grandfather VA1 Yasko Vom Farbenspiel 

(He is also Ulla’s Grandfather, and Hope’s Great-Grandfather).

Asoka Juno: Foss’s pure black Grandmother bred by a kennel famous for producing dual purpose Champions & active police dogs, etc. She has a level top-line & she is 'Middle Of The Road verging on Old English dual purpose; UK obedience & show lines'.  Producer of 1st place winners in obedience & confirmation classes including one girl who at a WALCSS show took a Reserve Best In Show

Foss's World Champion & Seiger SCH III  Great-Great-Grandfather (Foss's 4th generation) VA1 Ursus Vom Batu whose year of birth is 1995.

(He is also Ulla’s Great-Grandfather, and Hope’s Great-Great-Grandfather).


The aforementioned sable Old English show lined CC & BOB winning male at breed Championship level who is Foss’s Great-Uncle (and  her Grandfather’s nephew & her mother’s Uncle).


An 8-hour-old male male & a female pup from an Ando x Foss litter


A 7-month male from Ando & Foss’s 08 first litter: Junior lives with Steve

Junior as a puppy


Foss’s Old English show lined winner of confirmation classes Grandfather in colour (and this is a photo of a photo which really goes to show how red he is!). 

Foss's 1/2 siblings (same father) BVA hip & elbow scores & haemophilia results:

Hips BVA 9 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 9 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 10 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 10 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 10
Hips BVA 11
Hips BVA 12 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 16 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 25
Haemophilia: clear

Foss's Dad's BVA hip score: 12
Foss's Dad's BVA elbow score: 0
Foss's Dad's haemophilia status: Clear
 Foss's 1/2 siblings (same mother) BVA hip & elbow scores:

Hips BVA 4 & Elbows BVA 0
Hips BVA 12 & Elbows BVA 0
Foss's mum's BVA hip score: 13
Foss's mum's BVA elbow score: 0
PD gene: clear

Foss’s 1/2 siblings and parent's hip and elbow scores & haemophilia status

Foss is





For a GSD to be deemed as having an acceptable coat it has to have both top & under coat which Foss did have. 

However Foss was technically a long-coat as her top-coat was too long.

Foss did beat other dogs when she was shown, and when she was shown we very rarely either did not take a 1st place or a comment from a judge (which was backed up by ringside bystanders) which informed us that she was the best in the ring aside from her coat which should have been short-coated.

As her coat type did hold her back and affect her placements (especially at Championship level) it became a little disheartening to be consistently told that she would have been 1st if not for her coat, as well as an expensive gamble in terms of whether or not a judge would knock her for her coat.  Which is why she only went to a limited number of shows (which included several Championship as well as open level shows). 



Line breeding

You do not get better than that as 0% is perfection

Foss’s pedigree contains a mixture of different ‘types’ (i.e. European working & show lines which have produced working dogs, UK obedience & Old English dual purpose lines) which will help to further increase her genetic diversity

Foss's 5 generation pedigree contains NO in-breeding

Foss's 5 generation pedigree contains NO line-breeding

This will mean that her puppy's 5 generation pedigree will contain No line breeding on their dam's side of their pedigree

Puppies From Ando x Foss

Foss's pedigree genetic coefficient value’s for 4 generation's of her pup's pedigree, as given by the kennel club

Foss: 0.00%

Arkashan Fanto: 1.9%

Asoka Kalipso: 1.3%

Limasmythe Rutland Remus: 0.0%

Zasko von Santamar (imp): 2.7%

Verdandi Golden Eagle Of Asoka: 6.2%

Asoka Juno: 0.1%

VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel: 8.8%

VA1 (B) Ulie von Santamar: 2.0%

Vero van Tiekerhook (imp): 5.1%

Limasmythe Apache Dawn: 4%

Hilpsford Hornblower: 12.4%

Folklaw Gold on Silver: 1.0%

Asoka Storm: 4.2%

Choice Girl Rosie: 0.6%



Loki is a:

BH holder

SPR1 holder (80%)

In training for his overall IPO award (I wish his home all of the best of luck with this)

Loki is an Ando x Foss long-coated son


Left: Shia competes within agility

She is a Roman x Foss pup

Right: Hudson a Roman x Foss pup