Mayanser Riot




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Jack van Tiekerhook


VH3 / SCH3

VERY limited studs within the UK

Police Dog Producer

Hips: A stamp

Pure Black

Level Top-line





Please click on the following link to see Riot's mother who is no longer in the UK (exported to America):


Bordermere Asti von Mayanser


Litter brother to Bordermere Aran the 2007 USA Nationals Winner scores a.99 b.95 c.94

Hips: BVA total 12


Level Top-line

Riot's Parents

Riot's Grandparents

V Nick vom Heiligenbösch

(at Tiekerhook)






BSP 99: 3rd: a. 98 b. 92 c.  97

BSP 97: 4th: a.95 b. 96 c. 96 & BSP: 98: 49th a.96 b. 90 c. 88





Hips: A stamp



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Lindsey van Tiekerhook




Hips: A stamp

Koos: "one of my BEST breeding bitches"

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Hristo von der Reiherwiese

Kkl 1


Hips: A stamp

Brueckwasser Acilla


Hips: BVA 14


The 1st Day That We Met Riot


KC Gold & Silver & Bronze good citizen holder (I randomly entered her for these tests at 8 1/2 years of age, and she took them with ease) & placements under a breed Championship judge at general open show level

Hip scored at over 15 months of age (BVA total 8)

PD gene: clear

Riot has had an entire litter hip & elbow scored with the following scores: Hips BVA: 8 & Elbows BVA : 0 & Haemophilia clear, Hips: BVA 10 & Elbows: BVA 0, Hips BVA 12 & Elbows: BVA 0 and Hips BVA 12 & Elbows: BVA 0

We also have another daughter of Riot (1st place confirmation winner & gold & silver & bronze KC good citizen holder) whose BVA hip score is 11 and whose BVA elbow score is 0 & lab functions on her liver & kidney functions is clear.

Level top-line (including a straight back)

Drives that are out of this world

100% working lines (Best UK & Worldwide Lines)

Pedigree chocker block full of BSP competitors on both sides

First litter: Father is a Czechoslovakian working line male.  2 puppies are in the police, 2 puppies are working in the prison service, 2 puppies live in homes that compete within SCH, and 1 puppy is a beloved pet that undergoes active SCH training. One of these puppies went to live at Mayanser whom were the breeders of mum.

Second litter: Father is a VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos & UK Champion Gayville's Italia BOB winning son bred by the UK breed record holders whose progeny include a dog that completes police dog training, another who has been requested for search & rescue work, a 2011 BH holder, good citizen holders & beloved pets (these puppies live alongside young children & other dogs).

Third litter: Father is SCH3 Optikas Gunner (a working line male).  Please see Minnie, Vixen, Boudicaa's page as we retained these puppies.

Last litter:  Father is an imported SCH3 German show line male whose Grandfather is VA1 Ursus von Batu (a dog renowned in show lines as producing both brains as well as beauty).  This was a small litter of 2 puppies.  One of these puppies lives in an active competitive obedience & working trials home & we wish him all the best in 2012.  The second puppy lives with ourselves, has taken 1st places in confirmation and her gold and silver and bronze KC awards. She is also in training for agility & working trials. As you can see we love Riots pups so much that we find it too hard to give them up.

2 Litter siblings seen in the ITV programme ‘Send In The Dogs’

Please see below for pictures & comments from some families that have dogs living with them from the litter that Riot had to a 100% European show line male


Black sable masking pure black colouration.  Depending upon the dad that we chose for her she can produce sables, dark masked and large blanketed black and tans, bi-colours, and pure blacks.

We believe that Riot does not carry the long-coat gene as she has never produced a long-coat puppy even when placed to a long-coat gene carrying male.


A Riot pup called Miya at 7 1/2 months of age (Miya lives with James & Debbie): Litter sister to Alfie, Kaiser, Dutch & Ruby.

Above: A Riot pup called Alfie before his ears went up (Alfie lives with Suzie & Chris)

Alfie is in training for his BH and SCH award.  Both awards have age restrictions & we look forward to hearing about his success.

Above: A  Riot pup called Kaiser at 12 months old. Kaiser lives with Debbie & her family.

Here is what his Debbie had to say about Kaiser when he was 12 months old:

"He is doing really well, a handful so fits right in with the kids. He gets onto the kids 10ft trampoline with them and he has also got on their climbing frame - he even came down the slide. Couldn't believe it. He is brilliant with the kids and he still loves playing football; unfortunately for the kids as they can't get the ball off him, lol. If one of the kids walks off on their own he makes sure hes with them. We have had loads of comments on what a good looking dog he is and what a nice temperament. He loves his cuddles still.

Kaiser’s mother used to love jumping on the trampoline owned by her younger members of the family too, & although Kaiser never saw a trampoline we found it amusing that he loved getting on it too.

Above: A Riot pup called Ruby at 12 months of age.  Ruby lives with Dennis & Nina.

Here is what  Dennis & Nina had to say on her 12 month birthday:

Ruby is never happier than playing ball and sniffing the ground to find the ball when she doesn’t see where it is thrown. I think she has her mums trait of sleeping on the sofa with one eye open, waiting for the cats to come past her but she no longer chases them and even lets them drink from her water bowl.


 We have so many special moments with her that she never ceases to amaze us with her enthusiasm and affection."

Ruby is in training for working trials (which has age limit restrictions) & she has had a lot of interest shown in her from others who work with working dogs including police officers, etc.

Above: A Riot pup called Dutch at 8 months of age.  Dutch lives with David and Sarah.

*** 2011 update Huge congratulations to David, Sarah & Dutch for obtaining your BH award ***

Dutch is currently going to a SCH club, and we wish  David & Sarah all of the best with this pursuit (which has age limitations).

Here is what David & Sarah had to say about Dutch when he was 8 months old:

"Everywhere he goes he turn heads and people are amazed at how calm and friendly he is.  Our vet (a new one opened down the road) is superb and they all love Dutch to bits.  We even pop in when passing just to say hi! 
The last 6months has been hectic and he is keeping us very busy.  He is the loveliest, friendliest, cuddliest and most playful dog I have ever known and is superb with other dogs and people. 


The only word I can use to describe his love for a tennis ball is obsessed! 


He's grown so close to us and our families and he regularly gets to visit people and people come to see us and him too."



Riot wants to work work work when outside.  But in the house unless you request it she is 100% relaxed and content to snooze on the sofa.  She almost sleeps with one eye open, and any noises outside warrant a gaze through the window, but unless she assesses them to be a danger she goes straight back to her dreams. As you can probably gather from this statement Riot does live in the house.  I love her company so much that she joins me on the sofa, and on her own bed in my bedroom.


When working her focus is out of this world.  An intense direct unwavering stare in all positions wherever she is in relation to the handler helps to ensure her maintenance of correct and extremely precise / neat obedience work.


Her play drive, food focus, and pack drives are out of this world.  This girl will complete long and complicated obedience sequences for nothing more than a couple of seconds of placing her mouth on a ball on a string that is also held by her handler.  She is so ball focused that the ball has to be kept in our pocket otherwise its constant visual presence results in her brain being filled with no thought other than one …. Ball


Riot is a dog that was born to track.  She always uses a deep nose whatever the surface or weather condition.  This dog is so good with her nose that she tracks at a rapid rate and yet still she manages to go around corners like she is on road rails.  Riot was never shown at any stage of her training where the track was, and thus in the rare circumstance that she looses the track she naturally looks for it herself, as opposed to turning to the handler.  This was done via making the track the reward itself.  Article indication goes without saying.


Her obedience and tracking abilities prove that Riot has a perfect balance of drives and abilities to work both with the handler and independently.


Riot has also commenced protection work as part of her phase 3 SCH work.  Her protection work is out of this world.  She is happy to work in one drive with her owners, and naturally and comfortably swaps into the other when working with a stranger.  Bringing an extra edge to her work combined with bucket loads of control this is one girl who is breath taking to watch in action.



Riot is the prefect pet and family companion (raised with 2 children, a cat, and several other dogs), and her desire to please and aptitude for working is just out of this world.  But maybe more mystically is the way that she resembles her wolf ancestors so much via the way she interacts with the world.  Little things stand out like her ability to cuddle up with a cat on the sofa (a member of her pack), and yet her love to hunt mice in the fields. 


This dog is one in a million and embodies everything that made this breed it is.  She is a real German Shepherd Dog



Riot when younger

Riot is a Mayanser bitch who commenced strong foundational training with Tony.  All the potential and natural aptitude for work means nothing if it is not nurtured, and thus without his hard work and expertise (this is a person whose advice is worth its weight in gold) we would not have the girl that we have today.  Thank you Tony for all of the time and hard work that you put into our baby.  Hopefully she will swiftly follow in her sister’s footsteps (and the other dogs that he has trained) via going on to achieve high (if not the near perfect scores that he achieves) within the different SCH phases.


Riot has a VH3 Tiekerhook father (whose breeders only allowed him to be used on a couple of bitches) & a Bordermere mother who is the full litter sister to the USA national winner (scores: 99, 95, 94)


Lines within 4 generations of her pedigree include: 


V Nick vom Heiligenbösch (SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft lines)

V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese (V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft lines)

V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich


Riot was in training for SCH & her KC good citizen tests (which a judge has stated that she would easily get when we can take her to a test). 

However when she was younger circumstances affected both her original home and ourselves obtaining her SCH award, and thus a lack of a SCH award is no reflection on what was her potential to obtain one.

Riot has extremely favourable attributes not only in terms of her hip status, temperament and working abilities, but also in her aesthetics, breed characteristics, and confirmation.


She has a very strong yet feminine head, dark pigmentation, and level top-line, correct tail and ear shape and set.  Broad muscular front with gorgeous breadth, correct feet shape that point forwards, and moderate angulations both at the front and rear, combined with a strong low set hock joint.  In addition to an eye so dark that it almost turns black when she directs her focus at you.


The European (curved top-line) shown look is currently the most desired look within the confirmation ring. Thus with a working feel to her as opposed to this look she will never appeal to judges that prefer this type, and thus is extremely unlikely to take top honours at breed Championship level. However she has taken a couple of small placements with us at general open level under a breed judge.


From the above it can be derived that she was bred (which I have confirmed) not only with an eye on working abilities but confirmation and aesthetics.  Dogs within her pedigree that could be accredited with this include Nick, Timmy and Troll.  These dogs not only received high scores in the BSP (a SCH competition) and not only were renowned for passing on drives suitable for working, but they were also renowned for producing working dogs of correct confirmation.

Some pictures of Riot's Progeny

Riot has had progeny to 2 working line males & 1 show line male (a VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos son).

The below pictures are of her progeny to the VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos son.

Riot has had her last litter and we will be aiming to spay her in the up coming months.


Laddie lives with James: Litter brother to Miya, Alfie, Kaiser, Dutch and Ruby