Hope at 4 weeks



Hope has a beautiful warm expression which in real life is full of naughty mischievous thoughts.

In this picture she is thinking 'ball' & awaiting the release command 'free' as she remains in a sit stay.

Taken in December

Hope's Pedigree


Her father: SG1 British Youth Seiger Mondschatten Fury


Bred by a Champion producing English kennel who have success both in the UK & in Germany

British Junior Seiger

Successfully shown within the UK & German
High placement at German regional show given by the judge who then went onto judge the German Seiger
06/07/08 Crufts qualified

1/2 sibling (same father): SG16 SCH2 KKL1 Hips A normal Aryba & SG19 SCH3 KKL1 Twin
1/2 brother (same mother): 09 SG1 British Junior Seiger & A stamp hips

Hip scored: BVA 5

Produced the following BVA hip scores:

8, 9, 9 & 10

Produced the following BVA elbow scores

0 & 0

Her mother: Peterwell's Uschi

KC silver & bronze good citizen

Winner of 14 x 1ST PLACES, BOB, 4 x BEST PUPPY, & 1 x BEST PASTORAL PUPPY awards (etc)

Bred by a Welsh kennel who were the Irish Seiger top kennel winner & who are a Champion producing kennel

She is the 1/2 sister (same father) of a UK Champion who was the winner of at least 25 tickets.

Hips: BVA 10

Elbows: BVA 0

PD gene: Clear

She is the producer of Multiple VP, VG, BPIB, BOB, Group 2, 1st place, Bronze & Silver good citizen holders alongside being a producer of a 1st place winner at Crufts.

Produced the following BVA hip scores (Hope's 1/2 siblings):

7 & 9

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

Grandmother of a female (whose mother is Bluebell) with the following BVA hip and elbow scores:

Hips BVA total 8 & Elbows BVA total 0, Hips BVA total 12

Grandmother of a female, male, and 2nd female (whose mother is Hope) with the following BVA hip & elbow scores:

Hips BVA total 9 & Elbows BVA total 0

Hips BVA total 10 & Elbows BVA total 0 & heamophilia tested clear

Hips BVA total 14 & Elbows BVA total 0

Her 1st litter for us contained a singleton (Hope), and the only female in her 2nd litter was a long-coat although a son of hers  from this litter did go to a couple of shows (VP graded & a 1st place winner).

2nd Generation

1st Generation

Her Grandfather: V11 Solo vom Team Fiemereck (resides abroad)


Hip: Fast normal

Sire of: A normal & OFA Excellent hip & SG1

I am very sorry but I don't have a picture of her Grandmother

Her Grandmother:
Xanthy vom Deutschen Eck (imp)


Hips: A stamp

Dam of: 2 x British Junior Seigers, etc.

Her Grandfather: Champion Benny von der Roten Matter (import)

UK Champion


Made into a Champion in the minimum of 3 shows needed.
'Unofficial' British Seiger

Hips: A stamp

Producer of top Championship winners including a UK Champion
(BVA total of 9 = 5:4) who is Top Winning GSD Male of 2 years & the joint top winning male of a 3rd year &  a top 3 winning male of a 4th year.

Her Grandmother: Peterwell Fendi

Green Star & a Reserve Green Star winner (Ireland’s equivalent of the UK’s CC’s that are needed to make a dog into a Champion)

Hips: BVA hip total: 7 (5:2)

Fendi is also a daughter of 2 UK Champions who in turn have sired further Champions & Green Star winners, etc.


Hoping that 'dad' has not really gone inside and instead will be quickly returning to throw her more snowballs.  Please see the pictures below to see what she was getting up to in the minutes prior to this photo being taken of her.

Critiques: Verbal & Written

“Well balanced bitch, mature for age, head feminine with expressive eyes, well set ears, gentle disposition, good loin and top-line, with balanced angulations with no weakness, moved well especially when she moved out, stride was effortless. One to watch for the future. Well presented and handled”: Written Critique by the all breed judge at the show which she got 1st place & Best puppy in breed


Thank you very much to the judge who thought so much of her! In our opinion she looked less gangly at this show than she did the week before.

At another Championship breed show a SV judge not only gave her the highest show grading for her age, but they also gave her a verbal critique in which her gangly shape & growing phase was noted (she was still a puppy) alongside the following comments:


“Very nice head, very good bone, good firm hind angulations, and correct front”


At the Championship show in which she became Crufts qualified another Championship judge noted that she has:


“A lot of heart”


"Very good proportions & head with a lot of spirit, good angles at the front & back & a good mover.  The upper arm could be very slightly better set and the croup could be steeper"

"Strong head, correct front angulation.  Firm top-line, long croup.  Sound both ways, moved around with ease." (Crufts 2010: Bob Kinsey)

"Good type with good head & expression, high wither, front correct and clean with firm straight back, very good position and length of croup, very good hindquarters, movement good both coming and going away, when gaiting needs more forward reach" (Breed open show: Mr Goran Roki Croatia, kennel Gim)

"Very expressive, very good angulations, very good forehand, sound going & coming, ground covering movement, high withers” (Breed Championship show: Herr Bernhard Norda: Klostermoor)

"Very spirited bitch with considerable enthusiasm to move, big, strong, substantial, strong head, but could have a bit more black markings on the top of her forehead, saddle pigment lengthy, high wither, rather short but well angled croup, the upper arm must be longer and better angled, very good hind angulations, sound coming and going " (Breed Championship show: Herr. Ludger Goke: Trompetersprung

"Black & Gold in colour. Head & expression very feminine. Ears good & firm, good dark eye. Correct dentition. Wither height very good. Back very firm leading to a good lay of croup. Hocks very good and firm, nice to see. Upper arm good Bone & Body very good. Coming and going away very good a well balanced animal. Walking and gaiting with the poor floor conditions presented her no problems as she is well balanced. She was very well handled by her owner. Overall condition was very good i was pleased to award her best of breed." Ken Morrison (breed judge)

"b/t medium bitch of good proportions, feminine head alert expression, good reach of neck correct withers , good depth of chest firm back short croup strong hocks moved with drive" Sue Smith (Zeelukzak)

Visiting breed Championship participants & judges have regularly selected her out for positive comments on her overall look,  alongside her being very 'typical' of the owner (a breed Championship judge who has produced top winners both in the UK & abroad) of her father's breeding.  As one Championship judge put it if they did not know better they would swear that she came from her father's kennel.  Although we can see a lot of her mother in her we too believe that she has taken favourably after her father in a lot of ways.


Hope is of a beautiful size, has a feminine head with expressive dark eyes, well set ears, good bone, good red pigmentation, thick double coat, correctly shaped feet that point forwards, strong low to the ground hock joints, well set croup that would benefit from more length (even if  some breed judges are saying that she was a long and very well set croup I do not think it is perfect) a good turn of stifle, and good front angulations that would benefit from a slightly better set upper arm.  However the set of her upper arm compliments her turn of stifle leading to balanced and strong movement.


In my opinion because she is not excessively deep in her red pigmentation, and because she would benefit from a longer croup and slightly better set upper arm she will never take top Championship honours (i.e. I could not imagine her becoming a Champion, etc.). Such top winning dogs often excel both in fore angulations and depth of red pigmentation.  However personally I would rather have these areas of improvement (which all dogs have) than  poor temperament, long loose hocks, ugly feet that turn out, ugly croup set, and huge bat ears 'complimented' with pale wolf eyes, etc.


Hope is smiling for the treat in my hand, but she is  really hoping that 'dad' will return with more snowballs.  So whilst her eyes say I love you mummy, her ears say where is my daddy.

Hope's awards

Hope will NOT be having any more puppies.

Hope was from our 1st pure European show line litter, and her litter contained only 1 puppy (aka Hope).

Hope is:

Hope has very high food & very good prey drive, and so she will work for either food or a toy. 

Hope is ball mad, naturally follows tracks days after they have been laid for our working girl, and she takes a full hard and calm bite on the sleeve alongside keeping very calm possession of the sleeve afterwards.

We have been informed by several people who train for SCH (including a SCH judge who prefers the 'working type' who complimented her on her drive, bite & possession) that Hope would have easily obtained her SCH award. 

In reflection I wish I had not of concentrated so much on obtaining confirmation awards with her & other dogs both in my sole and co-ownership when Hope was younger, as it is an unfair reflection of  her natural genetic abilities to not have a SCH award after her official KC name. 

However at the time SCH clubs were over a 100 miles from my house, I was already traveling 30 miles twice a week for her good citizen awards & puppy socialisation classes, one of her show training clubs was a 80 mile round trip,  another show training club was over a 100 mile round trip, we were sometimes traveling over 200 miles to train with someone else alongside competing in confirmation shows up and down the country both during the week & at weekends.

Hope is a:

Please see further down for more of Hope's awards.

Hope is:

  • A short coated black & tan
  • Carrier of the recessive long-coat gene
  • Correct size as per the KC breed standard

As of the 4th December 2012 Hope has produced the lowest BVA hip score to Waro out of the 137 pups and 22 litters that he has had!!
As of the 23rd January 2013 Hope had produced the second lowest hip score to Waro (another female produced a dog that was 2 BVA points lower).
Hope has produced a female with the following hip & elbow scores: BVA total 9 & Elbows BVA total 0 & cardiology tested clear

Hope has produced a son with the following hip & elbow scores: Hips BVA total 10 & Elbows BVA total 0 & haemophilia tested clear
Hope has produced a female with the following hip & elbow scores: Hips BVA total 14 & Elbows BVA total 0 & lab tests on liver and kidney functions: Clear

Hip & elbow scored at 1 year & 2 months of age.

Hips: Affected by an accident as proven by a vet's letter (we were informed she would have been 6 - 6 IF she had not had this accident)

  • BVA Hips: 25
  • BVA elbows: 0

We have had 2 litters from Hope (her 1st litter was when she was 2 years of age & she had her second last litter a year later) & we have kept puppies from both of her litters which have been shown in confirmation, etc.

Hope has been confirmed as being pregnant to Roman via an ultrasound in October 2015.  Please get in contact for more information about the litter.

We own 2 females & 1 male that was given birth to by Hope (all of which are too young to consider breeding from).

Hope's progeny include:

Hope was bred by us & is owned and shown by us

Her Great-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal
Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal

Her Grandfather: Hips A stamp fast normal
Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal
Her Great-Grandmother: Hips A stamp noch zug Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal
Her father: Hips BVA 5    
Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal

Her: Great-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal

Her Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal
Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal
Her Great-Grandmother: Hips A stamp fast normal Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal
Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp Fast normal
Her Great-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal
  Her Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal   Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal
    Her Great-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips A stamp normal
Her mother Hips BVA: 10 & Elbows     Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips A stamp normal
Her Great-Grandfather: Hips BVA 5 Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips BVA 11
  Her Grandmother: Hips BVA: 7   Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips BVA 9
Her Great-Grandmother: Hips BVA 21 Her G-G-Grandfather: Hips BVA 11
       Her G-G-Grandmother: Hips BVA 10

Hope's 4 generation hip pedigree (which when included with her makes up all 5 generations of her progeny's hips pedigree)

Line breeding

There is no in-breeding in all 5 generations of Hope's pedigree.

Hope has one line breed in her 5 generation pedigree: 5 - 4 German Seiger SCH3 Ursus von Batu Hips A stamp normal.

This means that Hope's progeny will have NO line breeding on their dam's side of their pedigree.

The kennel club states that Hope's genetic coefficient value is: 4.2%


I have had 3 litters from Hope.

Hope had her 1st litter to a JW male that lived in Derbyshire.  I retained Delilah from this litter, and I competed with Delilah within confirmation. Delilah was hip & elbow scored, and she went onto have one litter only.

Hope had her 2nd litter to a Champion male in Fife.  I retained Troy & Faye from this litter, and I also competed with them within confirmation. A 3rd pup called Sadie was also competed with in confirmation & she also obtained her good citizen awards.  Troy, Faye, and Sadie were hip and elbow scored (Troy was also haemophilia tested).  Faye has never had a litter, Sadie had one litter only for her home (and the two pups from this litter have gone onto be successful within the confirmation ring), and Troy has had several litters.  

Hope had her last and 3rd litter to a working line male that I have bred & own.  Despite this litter containing just two puppies I retained a female called Poppy.  Poppy is currently too young to be competed with.


Hope at 6 1/2 years of age