Merjuke Delilah: La La

She is:

Tattooed and micro-chipped for identity

Short coat sable

Top-size as per UK KC breed standard

Graded: Very promising

Multiple Best Puppy in Breed & puppy group positions

At her first breed open show:  After the individuals when the different dogs were given different positions she stated the class in 1st position and she led the class and maintained this position for several laps until the last portion of the lap where she tired and dropped off into 2nd position.  The 1st position female then went onto take best puppy in show and so it certainly was not a bad dog to be beaten by!

She has had a daughter hip x-rayed by a home who wished to health test her just to check that she was healthy.  This owner was told that the hips looked good. This owner also had her pancreatic tested which also came back as clear.

Her BVA hip score: 22 (please see the below table for the breakdown of her hip score & it's comparison to her relatives)

Her BVA elbow score: 0 

Her half sister's (same mother) BVA hip score total 9 & BVA elbow score total 0 & cardiology tested: Clear.

Her half brother's (same mother) BVA hip score total 10 & Elbow score BVA total 0 & Haemophilia clear.

Her half sister's (same mother) BVA hip score total 14 & BVA elbow score total 0 & lab tests on liver and kidney functions: Clear.

Her half sister (same father) BVA hip score total 13.

Her Origins

The second that she was born I fell head over heels in love with her.  She was such a chunky monkey with gorgeous bone and a beautiful shaped head and thick coat that I felt sure that that there would be little chance that she would go anywhere. 


However I had made a decision that I would only keep another puppy at that moment in time if a breed Championship judge thought the same way that I did in terms of her show potential.  I was additionally concerned both for her and in terms of her long term showing prospects because although she stood out a mile from her siblings having being such a big puppy alongside poor presentation a vet had slightly  physiologically damaged her whilst assisting her mother with bringing her into the world.  However I need not have worried.  A Championship breed judge came and picked her straight away as a puppy that they would keep despite the fact that they do not like sables.


She was commended both on her aesthetics, confirmation, movement, attitude and play drive.  Some of the remarks that I can recall included in relation to her confirmation were positive commendations on her bone, head, proportions, and top-line, high withers turn of stifle, fore-angulations and lay of croup (basically the whole puppy).


Another aspect that I loved about her was her natural retrieve instinct, and the way that she loved people singing to her (this is why she gained her nick name ‘La La’).  So at 8 weeks of age I had the unenviable position of letting my back up home down who was aware that there was a good chance that we would retain her, and inform everyone else who had their eye on her that she would be going nowhere.


As a very young puppy I could see little of her mother in her looks, and there were differences in her disposition such as she was no where near as greedy as her mother, but as she got older I could see more and more of her mother in her.  


She turned into a beautiful looking female but she unfortunately did not inherit her mother’s height (alongside a couple of other features, but unfortunately this is what commonly happens within any litter) as she grew into a over KC breed standard sized female. 

We decided to withdraw her from the show ring when a judge stated that she had ‘got to size very quickly’.  The interpretation of this is she is at top-size already, and at her age there is a very good chance that she will grow some more and become too big.  Many judges will knock a dog for size, and thus unfortunately we had to make a decision to stop showing her on the basis of her size. Having said this it wasn't until I had her measured a few years later that I realised that she was only top-size, and thus in retrospect I wish that I had carried on showing her.

A breed Championship judge who has viewed her since her 12th month birthday thinks that she has a lot of potential to be one of the best brood females that we own IF we were to ever have a litter from her. 

I love the way that she is still such a sweet natured female who gets on with everyone including the pups.  She still loves being sung to and bobs her head and legs in a play bow way to the tune.  La La does not have a bad bone in her body & I am very happy that I decided all that time ago to keep her ... even if I do wish she was just that little bit smaller so that I could continue to show her off to the world within the confirmation ring.

Her Awards

Led the class for several laps before taking 2nd place at a breed open show under a breed judge (Mr Mike Ruston Rustanville) (1st place typically ended up taking best puppy in show)

1st place & Best Puppy In Breed (Mr Alan Grindley)

1st place & Best Puppy In Breed under a breed judge (K Morrison)

Best Puppy In Breed (Mr Barry Denyer Batradyr) & Puppy Group 4 (Mrs Lynne Scott)

1st place & Best Puppy In Breed under a breed judge (Mr M Hardy)

Best Puppy In Breed (Ms Sharon Mostyn Abergele)

5th at a breed open show (13 dogs entered) under a breed judge (Heather McDonald Conbhairean); This was her last show

Couple of puppy group positions

Her Critiques

I will need to re-find her critiques for the purposes of this website and so please watch this space.  In the meantime here are a couple of critiques that I have managed to easily find.

"Very, very, very nice, she needs to mature a bit, and it would have been better moving her outside as the ring was of no size to give her room to move" (breed judge)

"Reached her size very quickly, very good head & expression, eyes could be slightly darker but in fitting with mask, very good top-line and overview, good hind quarters, slightly steep upper arm, good croup placement, good movement but she drops down on the move which affects her fore-reach, nice puppy, very promising (but not an official grade as none were given at this show)" ... La La unfortunately did tend try and dig her way around the ring & so no surprises that this was commented on. (breed judge)

"Nice femininity, nice head and expression, slightly steep upper arm & croup, bit uncoordinated" ... this time La La had bounced and skipped around the ring and so no surprises that this affected her movement (breed judge)

6 mths old female sable colour. Good feminine head & good  expression. Good firm ear carriage, dark eyes, with correct dentition. Good wither height, firm back with good lay of croup.Good firm hocks. Upper arm a little steep. Has good strength of bone. Coming & going away very good. A well balanced bitch who when walking & gaiting on a very slippery floor coped well. The overall condition of this bitch was very good. Handled very well by her owner. I was pleased to award her Best Puppy in Breed. Ken Morrison


Her father: V (GB) Nikonis Dave

BVA hips: 11
BVA elbows: 0
Hips: A stamp normal
Elbows: A stamp normal
Haemophilia: clear 


Crufts qualified for life

Stud book number

Multiple 1st place winner

Very promising & Very Good graded

Breed Class Survey 1: John Ward

Dave produced the following BVA hip scores: 13 & 22

Dave produced the following BVA elbow score: 0


Above: Delilah 3 1/2 weeks of age

Her Grandfather: VA2 (GB) Champion Nikonis Yago

Hips: BVA total 8 & A stamp normal
Elbows: A stamp normal
Haemophilia: Clear


UK Champion (4 CC & 5 RCC)
Vice British Seiger



Progeny group British Seiger winner

08 reserve top winning stud dog (beaten by a UK & NZ Champ who is related to Delilah's mum via his Grandfather)

3rd top stud dog 09 (beaten by the same New Zealand dog & a German Seiger; 1 point separating them)

3rd& 4th UK top winning dog

Sire of a: UK Champion

His Champion ½ brother was the British Seiger

This was our 3rd ever pure European show line litter. 

Our 1st litter was a litter of 1 (Hope who is Delilah's mother) & our 2nd litter's only female was a long-coat (Milly who is Delilah's 1/2 Aunty), and long-coats could not be successfully show. 

Thus technically this was our 2nd ever show line litter & it was also the first 2nd show line generation that we had developed.


Her  mother:

Hips: Affected by an accident as proven by a vet's letter (we were informed she would have been 6 - 6 IF she had not had this accident)
BVA Hips: 25
BVA elbows: 0

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score of 9 & 0 elbows & cardiology tested clear.

Hope's son has a BVA total hip score of 10 & a BVA elbow score of 0 & he is Haemophilia clear.

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score total of 14 & 0 elbows & lab tests on liver and kidney functions: Clear.

Gold & Silver & Bronze KC good citizen award
Crufts 1st place winner
Multiple Group 2 winner
Multiple BOB winner
Multiple BPIB winner
Multiple 1st place winner
Multiple VG graded
Multiple VP graded
Multiple 1st place & Group placement holder producer


Her Hip Score Breakdown Compared to Her Relatives

A BVA hip score can be given as an overall total, or as a score for the left and the right hip.  The left and right hip scores can be broken down into numbers for the following areas:

Each of the above boxes can range from 0 - 6.

The left hip and right hip can total 0 - 53 each.

A dog can have an overall BVA hip score of 0 - 106

She is the only one to have any numbers in the 4th & 5th right hand boxes (Dorsal acetabular edge & Cranial effective acetabularrim) out of her:

I don't have the BVA hip breakdown scores for any of her other relatives either because they are not owned by me, or because they were scored on the SV system.

Both her and her above relatives have numbers in the first three right and left boxes (Norberg Angle & Subluxation & Cranial acetabular edge).

However as she is the only one to have any numbers in the right hand 4th & 5th boxes (Dorsal acetabular edge & Cranial effective acetabularrim out of the above dogs I have only included the numbers in the first 3 boxes (Norberg Angle & Subluxation & Cranial acetabular edge) in the below table.

I am hopeful as she is the only one to have numbers in the right hand boxes out of the above close relatives that this means that there is a good chance that these numbers are NOT as a direct result only of her genetics, but that they are instead (as other respected people within the breed have suggested) linked to her being physically damaged (as recorded on her mother's veterinary records at the time) when her mother needed veterinary assistance for whelping when a couple out of the 9 puppies that she gave birth to got stuck due to their size and presentation. 

 La La
 Her mother
 Her father
Her half sister (same mother)
Her half brother (same mother)
Her half sister (same mother)
Half Uncle (they share the same Grandmother Ulla)
Half Aunt (they share the same Grandmother Ulla)
 Grandmother Half Cousin (Her cousin's mother is Bluebell, and her father is the same aforementioned half Uncle)
Norberg Angle Right: 3
Left: 2
Right: 1
Left: 3
Right: 2
Left: 1

Right: 1

Left: 1


Right: 1

Left: 1


Right: 2

Left: 3


Right: 1

Left: 0


Right: 2

Left: 0


Right: 1

Left: 1


Right: 1

Left: 2

Subluxation Right: 4
Left: 3
Right: 3
Left: 4
Right: 3
Left: 2

Right: 2

Left: 1


Right: 1

Left: 3


Right: 2

Left: 3


Right: 1

Left: 1


Right: 2

Left: 1


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 3

Left: 2

Cranial acetabular edge Right: 3
Left: 2
Right: 2
Left: 2

Right: 2

Left: 1


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2


Right: 2

Left: 2

She also has a half sister with the same father as her with a total BVA hip score of: 13

However I unfortunately do not have a breakdown of her half sister's BVA score for comparison.

She also has the following numbers in her 4th & 5th boxes:

Dorsal acetabular edge: 3: 0
Cranial effective acetabularrim
: 2: 0

The above 3 & 2 are on her right hand hip, and the 0 & 0 is on her left hand hip.

3 1/2 months of age

Her Great-Grandmother: Champion Nikonis Electra

Hips: BVA hip score total: 13

Hips: A stamp normal


UK Champion

9 CCs 9 RCC & 2 Green stars

Junior Warrant


Breed Class survey 1

Dam of a British Seiger & Reserve British Seiger & Multiple Champions

Electra was historically known as a top moving female.

Electra produced the following BVA hip scores:

3, 7, 8, 9


Her Grandfather: SG1 Mondschatten Fury

Hip scored: BVA 5


British Youth Seiger

Successfully shown within the UK & German
06/07/08 Crufts qualified

Bred by a Champion producing English kennel who have success both in the UK & in Germany

1/2 sibling (same father): SG16 SCH2 KKL1 Hips A normal Aryba & SG19 SCH3 KKL1 Twin

Produced the following BVA hip scores:

8, 9, 9 & 10

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0 & 0& 0 &


Her Grandmother: Peterwell Uschi

Hips: BVA 10

Elbows: BVA 0

KC bronze & silver good citizen (we may one day take her for her gold)

Winner of 14 x 1ST PLACES, BOB, 4 x BEST PUPPY, & 1 x BEST PASTORAL PUPPY awards (etc)

Bred by a Welsh kennel who were the Irish Seiger top kennel winner & who are a Champion producing kennel

She is the 1/2 sister (same father) of a UK Champion who was the winner of at least 25 tickets.

She is the producer of Multiple VP, VG, BPIB, BOB, Group 2, 1st place, Gold & silver & bronze good citizen holders alongside being a producer of a 1st place winner at Crufts.

Produced the following BVA hip scores (mum's 1/2 siblings):

7 & 9

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

Grandmother of 3 pups (whose mother is Hope) with the following BVA scores:

BVA hips: 9, 10, 14

BVA elbows: 0, 0, 0

Heamophilia tested clear male

Grandmother of a female (whose mother is Bluebell) with the following BVA hip score:


Her 1st litter for us contained a singleton (Hope), and the only female in her 2nd litter was a long-coat although a son of hers  from this litter did go to a couple of shows (VP graded & a 1st place winner).


Her  Grandmother: V (GB) Nikonis Shana

Hips: BVA total 13

Hips: A stamp fast normal


Kkl 1

V (GB)

1st place winner

BVA hip scores that Shana has produced include: 8, 11, 15, 16, and 19.

BVA elbow scores that Shana has produced include: 0, 0, 0, 0, and 0


Her Great-Grandfather:

Double Vice German Seiger VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten

Hips: A stamp normal




2 x VA2 / Double Vice German Seiger

VA4 & VA6 & SG66

(beaten both times by La La's Great-Great-Grandfather)


Sire of worldwide Seigers

Produced the following BVA hip scores:

8, 8, 9, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11, 12, 13,  and 21.

Timo is a line renowned for brains as well as beauty.


Her Great-Grandfather: VA (DK + B) Arko vom Butjenter Land

Hips: A stamp fast normal


VA (DK & B)

SG43 (G)

Kkl 1

Sire of SCH3 KKL1 Reserve German Seigerin

BVA scores produced by Arko include:

9, 11, 13, 14

BVA elbow scores produced by Arko include:

0 & 1


Her  Great-Grandmother: 

Nikonis Rena

Hips BVA total: 9

Hips: A stamp normal

Won 3 x Best Puppy in breeds at Championship level

Won twice in Yearling.

Won a very respectable 3rd place at the 2 day show in Wales in season and out of coat.

Took a first place and a 2nd place in post graduate.

BVA hip scores produced by Rena include:

8, 11, 11, 11, 12, 12, 12, 13, and 14.


Her  Great-Grandfather: V11 Solo vom Team Fiemereck

Hips: A stamp fast normal


V11 & V14

Kkl 1

Solo has produced the following BVA hip scores: 5 & 10

I am very sorry, but I don't have a picture of Delilah's Great-Grandmother.

Delilah's Great-Grandmother:

V Xanthy vom Deutschen Eck (German Import)

Hips: A stamp normal




Dam of multiple Championship card winners & 2 x British Junior Seigers

Xanthy has produced the following BVA scores: 5, 10, 11, 15


Her Great-Grandfather:

Champion Benny von der Roten Matter (German import)


Hips: A stamp normal


UK Champion
‘Unofficial’ British Seiger
Made up in minimum of 3 shows Sire of a Champion
Sire of UK’s joint top winning male for 3 years & 3rd top winning male for a 4th year Benny has had 69 progeny BVA hip scored.

0 - 10: 37 dogs / 53.6%

11 - 20: 23 dogs / 33.3%
21 - 24: 3 dogs / 4.4%
25 - 30: 2 dogs / 2.9%
31 - 43:  3 dogs / 4.4%
44 - 106: 0 dogs / 0%

Elbows BVA: 5 x 0


Her Great-Grandmother: Peterwell Fendi

Hip score BVA total: 7

A Green Star & a Reserve Green Star winner (Ireland’s equivalent of the UK’s CC’s that are needed to make a dog into a Champion)

Fendi is a daughter of 2 UK Champions who in turn have sired further Champions & Green Star winners, etc.

Fendi has produced the following BVA hip scores:

10 & 10

Fendi has produced the following BVA elbow score:


Her Siblings 

She is the litter sister to:

She is the half sister to:

One female who was a:

A second female who was a:

A 3rd female who is a:

A male who is a:

A male who is a:

Her Line Breeding

She has one line breed that will appear in her puppy's 5 generation pedigree:

This dog will appear once in the pup’s 4th Generation and once in the pup’s 5th Generation.

This dog is called Champion Nikonis Electra.

Electra who was a dog renowned for her movement.

She was also renowned for being a multiple Champion & a British Seiger & a Vice British Seiger producer.

Electra also has a SCH1 & KKL1 & a BVA hip score total of 11 & A stamp normal hips.

Champion Nikonis Electra also produced the following BVA hip scores:

BVA total 3, 7, 8, and 9, and so she was also a VERY good hip producer.

Her genetic coefficient according to the kennel club website is:

However her first litter that she has had in 2012 have a genetic coefficient of: 0.0%

This is not only because their parents do not share 1 common ancestor with each other in a minimum of 5 generations of their pedigree, but also because the parents of this litter are of different 'types' to each other.

La La had her one and only litter when she was 2 1/2 years of age in 2012 to a working line male.

La La was a brilliant mum to these puppies who were full of personality, and whom have gone onto produce a lot of happiness to their homes.

La La will not be bred again, and she will not be having any more puppies. So please do not ask about puppies from her.