Sadie is:

Sadie does not live with us.

Some of Sadie's wins as a Junior include:

SG12 British Seiger (Norbert Wettlaufer SV): 20 present (all SG graded) & 31 entered

SG3 BAGSD Championship show (Dr Wolfgang Tauber) ... this show qualified her for Crufts 2013 for the 2nd time

Driffield Championship show with no CC's on offer (Celia Vines): 1st place

Whiterose Canine Society (Claire Wilson) Post Graduate: 2nd place

Sadie's wins as a minor puppy and puppy include:

Ashton Under Lyne Canine Society general open show (Jo Hodges; Jopium): 1st place & Best Puppy In Breed

Otley and District general Open Show (Sue Smith; Zeeluzak): 2nd place (beaten by her litter sister)

Otley and District general Open Show (John Carter; Montzella) AV open class: 4th

Bolton GSD breed Championship show (Herr.Hans-Ludger Goke; Trompetersprung) Minor Puppy Bitch: VP graded

Sheffield GSD breed Championship show (Sharon Bowen; Lareth): 3rd place out of 9 entered & qualified for Crufts 2013 (she was handled by her home as opposed to a handler & the judge stated that if she had not have played up on the move she would have been considered for 2nd place. 2nd place at this Championship breed show took 6th place the week before out of 21 entered puppies, and the 1st placed female in this class who went onto take BPIS was 2nd at that same Championship breed show.)

White Rose Canine Society general open show Brenda Trafford; Dabrenhof): 1st place & Best Puppy In Breed

White Rose Canine Society general open show (Diane Stirling; Arnscroft): Puppy Group 2

North West Canine Society general open show (Ang Anchaz): 2nd place

Leeds General Championship show with no CC's on offer (Jeff Horswell): 3rd place

Derbyshire GSD breed open show (Kevin Pomfrey; Fayrelander): 4th place


Above: Sadie 3 months of age

(the white mark on her nose is a scratch from a cat)

This is Sadie's story so far ...

Sadie was one of 8 very beautiful puppies sired by Waro.  Her home had 2nd pick female, and they were looking for a treasured pet whom they  said they may have some fun with taking to some dog shows (although she was ultimately a pet first).  When given a choice between a larger very good boned female whom was the richest red in the litter alongside having a very dark mask, natural stance (etc.) who had  better fore and hind angles than her remaining siblings and a smaller  better pigmented as a puppy version of her mother who also like her mother was very food & toy motivated they decided to go with their heart and they choose the latter puppy.  This puppy was then named Sadie.

Sadie quickly became entwined within their hearts and spoiled like a princess.  She quickly transferred her love of toys to her homes feet and trouser bottoms, and took advantage of her love of food by eating anything they cared to offer her. 

Her mother's natural  stance and focus was intensely present within her even at a very young age, and  this combined with her home's very good stance training resulted in her only just being 3 months of age whilst being capable of stopping in and maintaining a perfect stance combined with intense focus creating the perfect picture.  This would be of great benefit to them if they decided to show. In February 2012 her home took the plunge and took her to her first show, and she rewarded them by beating 4 puppies for not only a 1st place but also the title of best puppy in breed.

The non- breed judge commended her strongly on not only her confirmation, aesthetics, and top-line but also on her training in terms of her being very 'polished' within the ring.

We were very happy for her home, and we hoped that this would be the first of more wins for both them and her if they decided to continue showing her.  As she is a so far a smaller version of her mother (albeit one that has better pigmentation than her mother did as a puppy, as her mother got better with age) we hoped that like her mum that she would bring home a few more rosettes yet for them. 

After getting favourable comments upon her Sadie's home took the plunge and entered a couple of breed Championship shows. 

They  decided that they would have more fun handling her themselves as opposed to obtaining a handler for her (a handler can improve upon your placements), and in March her owner (Katie) successfully handled her to a VP grading under a visiting European judge before her other owner (Les) successfully handled her to her Crufts qualifying 3rd place position under a breed Championship judge.  Well done to all of them.

As time passed and the showing bug set in Katie saw the merits of a handler, and later managed to obtain some extremely accomplished handlers that took Sadie around the ring including at the British Seiger where she made her home very happy when she took a SG12 place out of 20 dogs that were present and 31 that were entered in her class alone.

Throughout 2012 Sadie was then commonly seen at Breed Championship & open shows, and at General Championship (with no CC's on offer) & open shows, and at WALCSS shows.  Sometimes Katie would handle her, and other times she would obtain a handler to take her into the ring for her.  Sadie rewarded her home's work in training her & presenting her with numerous awards as can be seen above.  I hope that Sadie goes onto continues to bring home many more rosettes and trophies for her home.


Above: Sadie 7 months of age


Above: Sadie at 7 months of age (5 days off her 8th month birthday) the day she qualified for Crufts


Above: Sadie 7 months of age (taken 28th March)


Above: Sadie 7 months of age (taken 28th March)

This was our 4th ever European show line litter. 


But as our 2nd litter's only female was a long coat (Milly) which can not be successfully shown this was technically our:


3rd ever show line litter


Our 1st litter was a litter of 1 (Hope who is Delilah's mother) & our 3rd litter contained a female (La La) who unfortunately became too big to continue showing.

This was also the second 2nd  (La La was from the 1st) show line generation that we had developed

Their Parents / 1st generation

SG1 Champion Conbhairean Waro

7 CC & 2 RCC

Group 2 (Richmond Championship show)

2012 British Adult Seiger

2010 British Youth Seiger

Reserve Top dog 2011 (only beaten by 4 points by Champion Crufts Group 1 winner Elmo)

Crufts qualified for life


Hips: A stamp normal

Elbows: A stamp normal

Haemophilia & PD tested: clear


Bred by a Scottish top Championship kennel who have bred the highest ever British winning male GSD in the German Seiger (2011).

Despite this dog & other top winning dogs not being campaigned within the UK dad's breeders still managed to obtain Top GSD kennel & breeder 2011, top GSD puppy 2011, Top GSD puppy male & Top GSD puppy female 2011, top GSD dam 2011, 3rd top GSD female (2nd place was Sadie / Faye / Troy's dad's 1/2 sister). 


Although dad's breeders did not take the 2011 top sire ironically this position was won by Sadie / Faye / Troy's Grandfather (their dad's own father) giving them links to all of the UK's 2011 top winning spots.

Dad's UK Champion (with 3 CC and 2 RCC) litter sister who was the 3rd top winning 2011 UK female (beaten to 2nd place by her Champion & top German winning 1/2 sister) & top female 2010 at Essington club and she has a BVA hip score of 6 & BVA elbow score of 0.

Dad is the cousin of the highest ever British winning male GSD in the German Seiger (2011 & 2012).

Dad's litter siblings hip scores include: BVA 6, 9, 11

Dad's litter siblings elbow scores include: 0, 0

Dad's litter brother is also hemophilia & PD tested clear.

Dad has produced the following hip BVA scores: 10, 11, 12, 12, 14, 15, 16

Dad has produced the following elbow BVA scores: 6 x 0

We used Waro several days before he took his 1st CC.  It was nice to see our confidence in him as a potential top winning dog pay off.
Merjuke Hope

Crufts 1st place winner

Multiple Group 2 winner

Multiple Best of Breed winner

Multiple Best Puppy in breed winner

Multiple VG graded

Multiple VP graded

Gold KC good citizen holder
Silver KC good citizen holder

Bronze KC good citizen holder

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score of 9 & 0 elbows & cardiology tested clear.

Hope's son has a BVA total hip score of 10 & a BVA elbow score of 0 & he is Haemophilia clear.

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score total of 14 & 0 elbows & lab tests on liver and kidney functions: Clear.

Multiple 1st place producer

Multiple Puppy Group position producer

Multiple Best Puppy In Breed producer

Best of Breed producer

Crufts qualifier produced

Multiple VP graded producer

Demonstration dog producer

Reserve Best Puppy in show & reserve best standard coat & reserve best sable (each time beaten by older males) at a WALCS show producer

Hope was from our 1st ever pure European show line litter & she was the only one in her litter.

As Hope was the only one in her litter she has no litter siblings with BVA hip or elbow scores, but her 1/2 siblings have the following BVA hip & elbow scores:

BVA hip scores: 8, 9, 9 & 10 (same father)

BVA hip scores: 7 & 9 (same mother)

BVA elbow scores: 0, 0 (same father)

BVA elbow scores 0 (same mother)

Hope's niece (her niece's father is Hope's 1/2 brother & her niece's mother is Bluebell) has a BVA hip score of 12.


Hip: A stamp normal

Elbow: A stamp normal

Bred by a top producing Italian kennel

His litter brother is: VA9 & Reserve Junior Seiger & double VA1 (CSV) SCH3 IPO2 KKL1 A stamp normal hips & elbows Furbo (he in turn is the sire of VA6 & VA13 & Reserve Junior Seiger SCH3 FH1 KKL1 A stamp hips Paer, and VA10 & Junior Seiger SCH3 KKL1 A stamp hips Godalis, and V5 & USA VA1 SCH3 KKL1 A stamp hips Bill)

His 1/2 sister (same mother) is: VA5 V4 SG11 SCH3 & IPO3 Chanell (she in turn is the mother of 2010 SG8 Panja & 2010 SG10 Paola & 2011 SG6 Stella & SG14 Sam & Chanell's VA1 father is the Grandfather of Millie (Hope's 1/2 sister), as well as being the Grandfather of Sadie / Faye / Troy's Champion father's Champion 1/2 sister via her dam's lines)

He is the producer of:

3 x UK Champions (to two dams) & a 4th female who is a RCC winner

2010 German Junior Seigerin

A British Youth Seiger

A UK 3rd top stud dog (the top stud was a German Seiger & the Reserve was a UK Champion who is related to dad via this dog’s World Champion & German Seiger Great-Grandfather)

He has produced the following BVA hip scores:

6, 9, 11, 11

He has produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

He has also produced:

Haemophilia & PD tested clear males

Their Grandparents / 2nd generation

Champion SG Conbhairean Leska

UK Champion

5 CC & 1 with a BOB & 4 RCC

1 CC & 1 RCC was taken in Veteran in 2012.  In the show she took the CC Waro took the male CC & BOB!

Top UK dam 2011

SG87 German Seiger 2006



Hip scored: A stamp normal

Elbow scored: A stamp normal

Bred by the aforementioned top Scottish Champion producing kennel.

She is the 1/2 sister (same father) of: 2010 V2 VA3 dog (Holland) SCH3, and a UK’s 3rd top winning dam 2010 & the 5th top dam of 2009 (she in turn is the mother of a litter which included an unbeaten SCH2 KKL1 A stamp normal hip & elbows UK Champion & his Champion UK top puppy 09 SCH2 KKL1 litter sister whose Seiger father is the aforementioned Grandfather of Milly (Hope's 1/2 sister), as well as being the Grandfather of Sadie / Faye / Troy's Champion father's Champion 1/2 sister via her dam's line.)

She is the 1/2 sister (same mother) of: a UK & top winning bitch 07 & a V & SCH1 & KKL1 (she in turn is the mother of 3 top winning dogs including a German Seiger SG5 & 2011 V7 SCH3 & a Jamaican Champion & a top winning male 09), and a runner up top winning puppy 08 etc, and a 6th top dam 08 & the Reserve top dam 09 who is the mother of a Champion (only beaten 2 – 3 times in her life), etc.

She is the dam of 2 Champions & a British Youth Seiger

She has produced the following BVA hip scores:

6, 7, 9, 11, 11

She has produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0, 0, 0

She has also produced:

A stamp normal hips & elbows, Haemophilia & PD clear tested males.

British Youth Seiger

Successfully shown within the UK & German
06/07/08 Crufts qualified

Bred by a Champion producing English kennel who have success both in the UK & in Germany

1/2 sibling (same father): SG16 SCH2 KKL1 Hips A normal Aryba & SG19 SCH3 KKL1 Twin

Hip scored: BVA 5

Produced the following BVA hip scores:

8, 9, 9 & 10

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0 & 0 


Winner of 14 x 1ST PLACES, BOB, 4 x BEST PUPPY, & 1 x BEST PASTORAL PUPPY awards (etc)

KC bronze & silver good citizen (we may one day take her for her gold)

Bred by a Welsh kennel who were the Irish Seiger top kennel winner & who are a Champion producing kennel

She is the 1/2 brother (same father) of a UK Champion who was the winner of at least 25 tickets.

Hips: BVA 10

Elbows: BVA 0

She is the producer of Multiple VP, VG, BPIB, BOB, Group 2, 1st place, Bronze & Silver good citizen holders alongside being a producer of a 1st place winner at Crufts.

Produced the following BVA hip scores (mum's 1/2 siblings):

7 & 9

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

Grandmother of a female (whose mother is Bluebell) with the following BVA hip score:


Her 1st litter for us contained a singleton (Hope), and the only female in her 2nd litter was a long-coat although a son of hers  from this litter did go to a couple of shows (VP graded & a 1st place winner).

SOME of Sadie's wins at WALCSS level so far includes:

1st Place 6-12 Months Puppy: Suzie Barnes (Kintaro) 
1st Place Standard Bitch: Suzie Barnes (Kintaro) 
1st Place 6-12 Months Puppy: Lin Rawson (Questelle) 
1st Place Best Female Puppy: Lin Rawson (Questelle) 
1st Place Best Standard Coat Puppy: Lin Rawson (Questelle) 
1st Place Standard 6-18 Months: Geoff Duffield (Anglefield/Myriehewe) 
2nd Place 6-12 Months Puppy: Sue Williams (Ballynabola) 
2nd Place Standard Bitch: Sue Williams (Ballynabola) 
2nd Place Pedigree Puppy Class 9-12 months: Micheal Randall (Zakasia)
2nd Place Av Pastoral Group: Jenny Miller (Feorlig) 
2nd Place in Hounds For Heroes 6-12 Months Puppy: Lieutenant Colonel D.W Somerville 
2nd Place Best Movement: Amie Forman (Suzdans) 
4th Place Most Beautiful Bitch: Sarah Pykett 
5th Place Best Condition: Pat White (Parowhite GSDS)

1st Place Junior Standard Bitch: Pat Roe (Parowhite)

1st Place Best Movement: Pat Roe (Parowhite) 

2nd Place Junior Standard Bitch: Ang (Anchaz)  

2nd Place Most Appealing Eyes: Pat Roe (Parowhite)
3rd Place in AV Pastoral: Lorraine Koskinas (Kieztamarx Gsds)

Not only has she been judged by breed judges (including judges who prefer middle of the road verging on the English type), but some of these classes had over 20 dogs in them. 

So we are very pleased for both Sadie and her home.

Sadie has:

Sadie is:


Sadie's written critiques include:

Jo Hodges (jopium) "6 months bitch at her first show, just right for her age, lovely head with mischievous expression, good ears and very alert. Moderate oval bone, good hind angulation, long tail, in lovely condition, moved well"

Brenda Trafford (Dabrenhof) “Black and Gold, 8 months female, good head and expression, good proportions, needs to mature best puppy.
Diane Stirling (Arnscroft) “8 months old Black and Gold, Lovely head, correct dentition, nice croup, good shoulder, moved sound coming and going and good side gait just lost her top-line on the move but a lovely picture in stance needs time to develop and strengthen. Well handled. Like to see her again in a year or so”

Judge Norbert Wettlaufer SV “Medium size, medium strong, good proportions, high wither, good top & underline, well laid croup should be slightly longer, good hind angulation, upper arm should be slightly longer, stands straight in front, slightly close coming & going, good movement.
Pat Roe (Parowhite) "Black/gold Bitch, Beautiful mover, well handled, excellent angles, good feet.”

Ang (Anchaz) “8 months old Black & Tan female, good size, fine in substance with good dentition. Feminine features, good ear carriage. Close away, good back. Good proportions transferring into good side gait. Good pigment and coat. Can lose her top line on the move. Well handled on the day. ”

Lorraine Koskinas (Kieztamarx) “Medium size, medium strength. Sex characteristics evident with good head and expression. Correct eye. Normal withers. Good over line in general, however runs into a short steep croup which on the move makes the tail set look slightly high. The upper arm is short and slightly steep, could be better angled. Forearm of good length and angle. Tends to stand ever so slightly east west. Pasterns strong, nice tight feet. Good chest development but would like to see more development in the loin. This would complete the underline. Rear angles good but lower thigh could be a little longer. Slightly narrow coming to and going away. Firm hocks. Overall a nice picture in stance and on the move, with a super side gait and front reach. Good condition, I would prefer a little more coat on the underline. A nice compact young bitch”


Sadie's 4 generation hip pedigree (which when included with either her or her sibling's hip & elbow score would make up all 5 generations of Sadie's sibling's progeny's hip pedigree)

 1st Generation
 2nd Generation
 3rd Generation
 4th Generation
    Hips & Elbows A stamp normal  
Hips A stamp normal
  Hips & Elbows: A stamp normal    
Hips A stamp normal
    Hips A stamp fast normal  
Hips A stamp normal
Hips & Elbows: A stamp normal
Hemophilia: Clear
PD: Clear
Hips A stamp normal
    Hips Fast Normal & Elbows A stamp normal  
Hips A stamp normal
   Hips & Elbows: A stamp normal    
Hips A stamp normal
    Hips BVA total 10 Hips BVA 12
      Hips BVA 7
    Hips A stamp Fast normal  
Hips A stamp normal
  Hips BVA 5   Hips Noch zug
    Hips A stamp normal  
Hips A stamp normal

Hips: Affected by an accident as proven by a vet's letter (we were informed she would have been 6 - 6 IF she had not had this accident)

BVA Hips: 25
BVA elbows: 0
Hips A stamp fast normal
    Hips A stamp normal  
Hips A stamp normal
  Hips BVA: 10 & Elbows 0 & PD: Clear    
Hips A stamp normal
    Hips BVA: 7 Hips BVA 5
      Hips BVA 21

There is NO in-breeding in Sadies 5 generation pedigree.

Sadie is line bred on two very famous top winning & producing dogs.

This line breeding occurs in her 5th generation of her pedigree.

This means that 2 different dogs appear on more than one occasion in the 5th generation of Sadie’s pedigree.


This also means that IF a dog from Sadie’s litter went onto have progeny that there would be NO line-breeding in their puppy’s 5 generation pedigree.


The two dogs that Sadie is line bred on include:


VA1 Ursus von Batu SCH3 Hips A stamp normal

VA4 Enzo von Buchhorn SCH3 Hips A stamp normal



VA1 Ursus is a dog that is renowned for producing not only beauty, but also brains.

VA1 Ursus is behind a LOT of top winning worldwide dogs (too many to mention below).

For example Ursus is the father of a World Champion, Double German Seiger, and Junior Seiger SCH3 A stamp normal Yasko.

Yasko sired UK Champions (i.e. CH Benny who himself is the sire of UK Champions & CH Ice & CH Elliot).

Yasko is also the father of VA5 SCH3 Boa & Double VA3 & Vice Junior Seigerin SCH3 FH IPO3 Erasmus.

Yasko is the father of Reserve Junior Seigerin & Double Vice Seiger (CH) SCH3 IPO3 Nicos (father of 2 x VA3 & Junior Seigerin SCH3 Viana & VA10 SCH3 Celin. Yasko is the father of the World Champion, Double Seiger, Vice Seiger, Junior Seiger SCH3 Larus.

Larus is the father of VA1 SCH3 Xara.

Larus is also the sire of UK Champions such as Phillip (who is also a NZ CH & he has sired UK Champions Zora & Oddyssey & Crufts BOB winner Lesko) & Renata (who herself sired Champion Jacky) & a British Youth Seiger Ronaldo.

Larus is also the Great-Grandfather of the highest ever winning GSD at the German Seiger (SCH3 A stamp normal V4 Uno) bred by a British kennel to the best of our knowledge. 

Ursus is also the father of VA1 & VA2 Tabata SCH2.

Ursus is the father of VA7 & Junior Reserve Seiger SCH3 Ghandi  (sire of VA5 SCH3 Agassi & VA6 SCH2 Benny). Ghandi was also the sire of a SCH1 male (Figo) who was imported to the UK & who produced a BH UK Champion (Kandi) & an Irish Youth Seigerin (Rio) & British Puppy Seiger Figo.

Ursus is the father of VA8 & Junior Seigerin Zambia SCH3.

Ursus is the father of VA1 (DK) & Junior Seiger SCH3 IPO3 BHP2 FH1 Yoker.



VA4 Enzo is another dog who is praised for his working ethics as well as his beauty.


He is the father of the Vice Seigerin SCH3 Hips A stamp normal Xantia.

Xantia when placed to VA1 Zamp produced a UK Champion SCH1 Daira A stamp normal.  Daira had a litter to Faye’s Grandfather (Floro) & she herself produced 2 TOP current winning UK daughters (one of which is a UK Champion who also went SG11 at the German Seiger alongside being a British Seigerin & Youth Seigerin & Group 2 winner & multiple BPIS winner, etc.).

Enzo is also the father of VA5 Nero SCH3 Hips A stamp normal.

Enzo is also the father to VA1 (DK & SP) Yello SCH3 A stamp normal who himself sired VA6 Nando SCH3 (who himself sired VA6 Mentos SCH3), etc.

Enzo has produced an Irish (Angus BVA hip score total 6) and UK (Schifo BVA hip score total 13) Champion.  Angus himself went onto produce a Champion.

Enzo also had a UK daughter (BVA hip score total 13) who went on herself to produce a Crufts BOB SCH3 winner (hips BVA total 6 & elbows BVA total 0).

He is also behind other top winning UK dogs whom themselves have gone onto produce UK Champions.

Enzo was also the 2003 UK top producing sire

The kennel club states that  Sadie's genetic coefficient value is: 4.2%

Depending upon who Sadie's siblings were placed to in the future their progeny genetic coefficient could be as little as 0.0%, less than / the same as / more than their own.

Line breeding

Dad: 3.2%

Mum: 4.2%

Grandfather: 2.4%

Grandmother: 3.5%

Grandfather: 3.7%

Grandmother: 3.6%

Great-Grandfather: 6.8%

Great-Grandmother: 0.00%

Great-Grandfather: 2.9%

Great-Grandmother: 6.1%

Great-Grandfather: 3.6%

Great-Grandmother: 3.3%

Great-Grandfather: 7.6%

Great-Grandmother: 1.8%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 5.2%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 6.1%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 5.5%


Great-Great-Grandfather: 3.1%

Great-Great-Grandmother: (kennel club has insufficient pedigree information to calculate this dog)

Great-Great-Grandfather: 0.0%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 9.2%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 4%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 2%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 1.7%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 4.6%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 8.8%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 4.5%

Great-Great-Grandfather: 3.7%

Great-Great-Grandmother: 3.4%


Sadie's 4 generation Pedigree

Sadie's pedigree genetic coefficient value’s for 4 generation's of her pedigree (which alongside either her own or her siblings genetic coefficient value would make up their progeny's 5 generations) as given by the kennel club


Above: Sadie 13 months of age after being placed in her British Seiger class

Above: Sadie 13 months of age after being placed in her British Seiger class


Above: Sadie 13 months of age

In her British Seiger class


Left: Sadie 11 months old at the beach


Sadie has had one litter for her home.