Bluebell as a pup

We love receiving testimonials from people, and to date we have not yet published any of them.


But with the permission of the people that have given them we would love to start sharing some of the kind comments that people have made about us, our dogs, etc.


For example here is an email that we have received from a family whose mother works at a rescue centre:


“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, you made us feel most welcome and for the time you spent talking to us and showing us your family!!  Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous, a real credit to you, and it's clear you are not only very knowledgeable about the breed, but that you really care about them, the puppies you breed, and the breed in general.  You obviously spend a lot of time with the babies, ensuring they get the best start in life, which is great.  After meeting with you yesterday and seeing the dogs, I am in no doubt I have chosen the best place to get my puppy from.  I'm not interested in the full German lines with the curved backs, nor lining the pockets of back-street breeders who do not have the best interests of their own dogs, the puppies, or the breed in mind.  Looks, health and temperament are what I want, and I know I've found these with your dogs. 


Kelsey and I didn't stop talking about your dogs and the pups all the way home - what a lovely way to spend an afternoon - puppy cuddling!!!  Sheer heaven!! We are even more excited now (if that's possible!!) these next 4 weeks are going to seem like months!!”

Previous hours old Foss & Ando pup


Pictures of the pups from Dave x Hope's 2009 litter


Puppies naturally fear the unknown.  But exposing them to different sights & sounds (etc.) helps them to overcome these fears.  A cognitively rich environment can also stimulate parts of the puppy’s brain which can lead to them positively responding in stressful situations, developing better problem solving skills, & being more trainable.


Puppies can also be inclined to chase livestock, but correct exposure at an early age can help to overcome this.  Obviously this is no guarantee & this will be especially true if it is not maintained.  But the same could be said about house training, etc.

We aim to show our pups sheep, cows, horses (down the road), hens & turkeys. 


Puppy from a previous litter & a chicken safely behind chicken mesh

Puppy from a previous litter & a turkey chick safely behind chicken mesh


Puppy from a previous litter relaxing in front of the cows


A 3 1/2 week old sable female

A 6 day old sable female

Above: This puppy is a son of Ulla

As well as advertising any litters that we personally have if their owners wish me too I will also advertise any litters produced by a Merjuke female on here

I currently have no puppies, but please feel free to get back in contact at a later date.

As can be seen on our other webpages we go that extra mile when having a litter.

The puppies are weaned onto:

An EXTREMELY HIGH GRADE DIET of freshly laid free range scrambled eggs in goat’s milk, probiotic goats milk yoghurt, organic honey, organic heinz baby rice, aberdeen angus beef & premium lamb & fresh fish slowly fried in a tiny bit of organic butter. 

For approximatetly a week this is then transferred to:

Royal Canin puppy meat & soaked Royal Canin Maxi starter commonly alongside human grade chicken (but please double check that the addition of chicken applies to your litter)

Then for the ease of their new homes the pups are transfered to:

Royal Canin Maxi starter only

(I can adapt a puppy’s diet to a home’s request such as chicken, tripe, beef, duck, heart, pilchards in tomato sauce, etc.). 

Research has shown that temperament is not dependent upon genetics alone & that the more cognitively rich a puppy’s environment is the more likely they are to develop a CORRECT TEMPERAMENT. 

The puppies are:

The puppies are also:

We also believe that mum whom we adore needs protecting to our best capabilities. Incorrect feeding & and a large singleton could affect her health.

Thus she will be:


A plane landing just in front of my house, and a plane landing just the other side of my fence.  When the planes land they are quite loud, and when the engines of the plane occasionally point towards me it is extremely loud.  This helps assist in the prevention of noise phobias in our puppies, and also makes their environment even more cognitively stimulating which can help with problem solving, etc. when a pup is older..

We only breed when we are aiming to develop our lines, or when we are aiming to retain a puppy. 

For example we did not have one litter in 07 (due to being busy in the show ring) despite owning a beautiful looking German import, and  just as beautiful hip & elbow scored girls, another girl that we had since a puppy did not have her own litter first litter until she was 4 1/2, etc.

We also retain our oldies.  For example we had to purchase one girl and have a litter for her breeder (9), she had a singleton that we kept & from her last litter we own all 3 of the pups (not all live with us).  After this point we decided to spay her, and to further develop her lines via her progeny as opposed to letting her have another litter.

Due to our non-common raising techniques within the breed in the UK, our breeding goals, our dog’s pedigrees, hip & elbow scores, & our dog’s aesthetics we often find that people ask for a puppy months and even years before they are due to be born.

Because of this we recommend that people get in contact with us sooner as opposed to later.  Especially as it is common for our litters to be fully confirmed prior to their birth.


Our puppies are raised alongside cats.


I have lots of wildlife in my back garden. 


Our litters come with an above average high quality puppy pack including:

KC registration & transfer of KC ownership details


4 weeks insurance

Puppy kong

Soft toy (this can be used for fun, or it can be used to start a basic informal retrieve with the puppy)

Blanket to remind the puppy of the smell of home & mum to help them settle in

A microchip

A voucher for Royal Canin food worth approx. £20 +

Royal Canin training treats

Royal Canin training book / measuring cup

Information sheets containing important information on the puppy (There is also a LOT of information on my facebook group including advice on house & crate training, preventing biting & dominance, obedience training, etc.)

Support after the puppy has left (I have undertaken an Animal science degree, won in different dog displaces (including at Crufts level) & so I am able to give my forever homes advise on a wide range of subjects.

Access to a facebook group that is open to my forever homes only. I find that a facebook group assists with giving people advice, as well as giving everyone an opportunity to be able to see how the litter mates are developing.).

The puppies will be extensively socialised, raised indoors within a family environment alongside a toddler & cats, broken to stock (sheep & hens & ducks & goats), commence house & crate training, wormed every 2 weeks with Drontal puppy wormer, and weaned onto a high quality diet.