What Do We Feed Our Dogs?



What I feed my puppies on depends upon their age

Up to 3 weeks

This is rarely needed: IF a small pup isn’t putting on the same average weights as its littermates

  3 – 3.5 weeks of age:

The pup needs a nutritious non-solid food to assist it from the transition from it's mother's milk to a solid food.

  3.5 – 4 1/2 weeks of age:

The pup is able to have a bit thicker consistency, and it benefits from additional
premium nutrition, and verity.

4 1/2 – 7 1/2 weeks of age:

Normal puppy requirements

7 1/2 - 8 weeks of age


I try to ensure that the pups are on a premium diet that is both suitable for a large breed puppy, and which a home can easily feed.

Every 1.5 - 2 hours 24 hours a day
Twice a day
 4 times a day
 4 - 5 times a day  4 times a day


Welpi Dog Milk Substitute




Esbilac Milk replacer




Freshly laid scrambled eggs in full fat goat's milk.

With Added


Probiotic Goats Milk Yoghurt

Organic Honey

Organic Heinz Baby Rice

If our free range ducks come into lay when I next have a litter I will also give my puppies scrambled freshly laid free range duck eggs.

Freshly laid scrambled eggs in full fat goat's milk with probiotic goat's milk yoghurt, organic honey, and organic Heinz baby rice added to it.


Chicken mince

Beef mince

Tripe mince

Sometimes I also give tinned Royal Canin starter mouse

A one off meal of Fresh Fish Slowly Fried In A Tiny Bit Of Organic Butter

Royal Canin Maxi Starter soaked in water

Chicken mince

I also try to give them on an odd occasion:

Ducks legs

Fresh Apple & Fresh Carrot



Royal Canin Maxi Starter soaked in water for a hour in a sealed tub.

A lot of breeders would not pay for organic food, etc.  But I feel that only the best will do for my puppies, and thus I would prefer to not spare any expense when it comes to choosing food for them.  After all you can only get out what you put in, and I am pretty sure that you like me would not like your pup’s health, growth, or condition affected by anything but the best of diets.

I recommend that my homes obtain a 4kg bag of Royal Canin Maxi starter, and that they feed a puppy this only for the first 3 days at their house before transferring the puppy to Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior.

All of my homes are given details to obtain a voucher for a small bag of Royal Canin food. 

If a home can I recommend that they use this voucher at a pet shop to order a 4kg bag of this food.  If a home can't find this food in their local pet shop then I recommend that they order a 4kg bag of Royal Canin Maxi Starter from an on line source. A 4kg bag can retail from around £29.16.

Puppies: 8 Weeks - 18 months

My puppies are transferred to Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior

I stop soaking their food at about 14 weeks of age, and I start to give it to them dry alongside enough water to just cover it when it is in a bowl. 

I also give them the following as treats:


However I do try to get them to mainly work for their food alone or a toy, and I also use a clicker to assist me in training them.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior Professional can retail for around £34.65 for 12kg


In our opinion not only should our puppies get the best, but also so should our beloved and treasured adults. 

Whether they are an oldie, will never have a litter, or are being shown they get the best diet that we can give them. 

Some kennels unfortunately cannot afford to OR do not wish to mimic this policy with ALL of the dogs that they own, but personally we would rather go without ourselves in terms of luxuries long before we see what are essentially members of our family get anything but the best.


Our dog’s are fed twice a day. 

This is because we believe that it is nice for them to start and end the day on a full stomach.  This policy should also put less stress on their digestive tracts.

Also although our dogs looked brilliant on Royal Canin alone I think that it is nice for them to have verity (although I would strongly encourage a home to not change their pup's food until they are an adult and have established very good eating habits only before introducing this ideal).

Thus my adults are fed:

Royal Canin 4800

Chicken mince and carcasses and an occasional chicken skin (from a place that prepares chicken for human consumption)

Beef mince


Ducks legs


I also believe that it is important that the dogs have an enriching environment.  This is why my dogs not only receive regular opportunities to stretch their legs outside (including being allowed out into our personal field as a pack whilst I use either a chuckit or a dummy launcher which shoots either a tennis ball or dummy the length of a field), and have access to toys such as boomer balls, but we also regularly put their dried food in either a large kong wobbler or a black large kong. 

Whilst I am on the subject of feeding my dogs I also think that it is important that I point out to any homes the importance of a pet dog having 24 hour access to water. You can obtain clip on bowls for a dog crate for when you crate your dog, anti spill bowls that can be used in the house (although beware some dogs can toss these like a Frisbee), and it is easy to have a bucket of fresh water available for constant access when in your garden, and a travel bowl to offer a dog a drink following a journey.  I have a folder on my facebook group which is available for my forever homes only which has recommended sources of different bowls. 

Royal Canin Performance 4800 Professional

(retails for around £35.65 for 15kg)

  30% fat & 32% protein

A pup from my 2nd ever litter

My eggs are laid by my flock of free range rescued x-battery  hens that are given free access to our grassland and woodland.  Their diet is supplemented with fresh fruit & vegetables, layer pellets & corn, etc.            

Happy hens lay tasty eggs, and we are sure that our pups love them as much as we do.


Chickens are lovely to own.  Their eggs are not only a lot tastier, but it is nice to know that they have come from happy hens.