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Micro-chipped for identity

Short-coated dark masked black and tan

Level top-line

Kennel Club genetic coefficient: 0%

NO line breeding or in-breeding between Poppy's mum & dad within a minimum of 5 generations of Poppy's pedigree

Has increased genetic diversity due to Poppy's father being working lines, and due to Poppy's mother being show lines, as opposed to Poppy having a pedigree made up of one 'type' (such as working lines only) of GSD only

Hip score: Just been x-rayed & look very promising (I can't wait to share her offical BVA score)

Elbow score: Just been x-rayed & look very promising (I can't wait to share her offical BVA score)

Poppy's half siblings (same mother) hip scores include: 9 & 10 & 14

Poppy's half siblings (same mother) elbow scores include 0 & 0 & 0 & 0

Other health tests that Poppies half siblings (same mother) have had include: Haemophilia tested clear, cardiology tested clear, lab tests on liver and kidney clear

Poppy's half siblings (same father) hip scores include: 12, 12, 12

Poppy's half siblings (same father) elbow scores include: 0, 0, 0

Poppy also has other half siblings (same father) who have been hip and elbow x-rayed that look to have good hips & elbows, but which have not been submitted to the BVA due to being pets (the owner may have x-rayed them when being spayed for example)

Never been bred


Poppy carries the:


Black & tan Gene

Black gene

Short-coated gene

It is currently unknown if Poppy also carries the long-coated gene, or if she has a second copy of the short-coated gene (her mother carried both the short and long coated gene, and thus there is a chance that Poppy has inherited EITHER a long-coated gene OR a second short-coated gene from her mother)


Poppy’s Awards


Poppy has obtained the following: 


Crufts qualified: For 2017 

Good citizens: Silver + Bronze 

Total puppy groups: 2

Total Best of Breed: 3

Total Best Puppy in Breed: 6 

Total Best Puppy Walk: 2

Total 1st places: 14

Total 2nd places: 3 


12 weeks & 1 day of age: 1st place / Best puppy walk in a match meeting

13 weeks & 6 days of age: 1st place / Best puppy walk in a match meeting

22 weeks & 1 day of age: Bronze good citizen award

6 months & 3 weeks of age: 1st place in a 6 - 12 month class in a match meeting at a show training club (Judge D Crowther)

7 months & 3 days of age: BEST OF BREED & BEST PUPPY IN BREED & 1st place in GSD Junior (Judge R Baker) KC General Open show that was not judged on the group system. I decided to withdraw from her AV MP class (Judge: S Aston) and instead have fun looking around the show.

7 months & 5 days of age: Silver good citizen award 

7 months and 1 week: 2nd GSD Junior + (I decided to not stay for this class) AV pastoral SP. Minor Puppy (Judge I Feely)

7 months and 1 week: Puppy group 4 + BEST OF BREED + BEST PUPPY IN BREED 1st place GSD special yearling + 1st place AV pastoral puppy (Breed Judge P Clayton, AV + Group Judge G Lewthwaite)

8 months and 1 week: Puppy Group 3 + BEST PUPPY IN BREED + 2nd GSD Graduate + 1st AV Pastoral Puppy (Judge J Yates) 

8 months and 3 weeks: Crufts qualified, Puppy bitch 2nd place + junior bitch 4th place (Judge Mrs F Kaye) 

8 months + 2 weeks of age: Unfortunately I was unable to attend this show (Judge D Allsop) 

9 months and 1 weeks of age: BEST PUPPY IN BREED + 1st GSD G + 1st AV Pastoral Puppy (Judge G Dowell) 

9 months and 2 weeks: BEST PUPPY IN BREED + 1st GSD Graduate + 1st AV Pastoral Puppy (Judge I Green)

9 months and 2 weeks: (lost BOB + BPIB to my other dog) 1st place GSD graduate (Judge J Alpe)

10 months and 1 week of age: BEST OF BREED + BEST PUPPY IN BREED 1st place GSD Junior + 1st place AV Pastoral (Judge C Richardson) 

10 months and 4 weeks: unfortunately I was unable to attend this show with Poppy (Judge Mr J. Crossley) 


Best in show is often held at the end of a very long day. The above shows were often being outside in what turned out to be commonly bad weather. So due to having a baby I made a decision to not remain and compete for the chance of a best in show (etc.) position. 


As of April 2016 the KC has brought in a new rule which means that a dog cannot obtain its gold good citizen award until it is over 12 months of age. Thus unlike with other dogs that I have owned I was unable to obtain Poppy's gold good citizen prior to her 12th month birthday.  

Due to having a baby I will NOT be aiming to heavily campaign Poppy within the competition world. In an ideal world Poppy would have been trained for obedience competition alongside Kuro in addition to attending additional confirmation shows, as Poppy showed a lot of potential for obedience training.

However Poppy has had a lot of fun attending 5 different dog training clubs (2 obedience clubs and 3 confirmation show training clubs). 

We have also attended a 6th training club with another of our dogs this year. This dog has also attended the same clubs as Poppy, gone swimming at a hydrotherapy pool in attempt to assist with it's fitness levels, and it has gone to additional shows (regional shows alongside the British Seiger) to the ones that Poppy has attended. I have also really enjoyed spectating at club IPO trials and IPO competitions this year. So despite having a baby I have still been rather busy having a lot of fun with my dogs this year. 


I am looking forward to continuing competing in confirmation in the following year

Crufts 2017 qualified