Hips: BVA 9

Haemophilia clear

Champion: 25 tickets (15 CC & 5 BOB & 10 RCC)

UK’s joint top winning male for 3 years & 3rd top winning male for a 4th year

Rena & Cammie's Parents

Hips: A stamp & BVA: 6

Re-German import



Treble Vice Seigerin (I & B)

V (G)

Kkl 1 (1ST British bred bitch to obtain this)

Dam to: UK Champion, 1st place winners, best puppy in show at breed Championship level, British Seiger class winners, etc.


Hips: A normal

German import


Champion (made up in minimum of 3 shows)

Unofficial ‘British Seiger’

Sire of a UK Champion

Sire of: UK’s joint top winning male for 3 years & 3rd top winning male for a 4th year

Rena & Cammie's Grandparents

Hips: BVA 9

Best Puppy in show at the 2 day show & 1st place winner (including Championship 2 day show in the open class)

Dam of: a UK Champion

Hips: A normal



Kkl 1

Sire of: a UK Champion

Grandfather of both mum & a HD & ED A stamp & haemophilia clear SCH3 UKChampion (19 tickets: 15 CC & 8 BOB & 4 RCC) who was the UK’s joint (with mum’s father) top stud dog 2 years running

Sire of: a UK Champion

Hips: A normal




Kkl 1

Dam of: UK Champions

Cammie & Rena 


Above: Cammie

Rena & Cammie are litter sisters that were sired by 2 UK Champions, and they were bred by the current UK breed record holders.


Above: Rena at 10 months of age

Cammie is BVA hip (13) & elbow (0) scored

Cammie has her pet passport & is up to date with her rabies vaccination

Cammie is tattooed & micro-chipped for further identity 

Based on Cammie’s confirmation, side gait & aesthetics (deep red pigmentation, strong head, bone, thick coat) her breeders expected her to rival 1 of the UK’s top winning bitches. However although she has a couple of placements (i.e. 2nd place: breed Championship judge) she was just too laid back for the confirmation ring & she preferred to stroll around as opposed to full out gaiting for several laps (which resulted in her being demoted down the line as the class progressed). Cammie's Championship judge and breed record holding breeders thought that she strongly resembled her Champion father.

Cammie does not live with me.


Rena is BVA hip (12) & elbow (0) scored

We are aiming to pet passport Rena at a later date.

Rena is tattooed & micro-chipped for further identity 

Rena has her 1st KC good citizen award Despite not being shown until 10 months of age in the 2 months that she was shown she achieved 1 x Best of Breed & 5 Best Puppy awards under 2 breed judges & 3 all rounders

One judge also considered her for a Reserve Best Puppy In Show (general open show), but we unfortunately never got it due to handler error.

Rena was unbeaten by another puppy & she always competed for the title of best puppy in breed

Rena does not Cammie's turn of stifle, etc.

Rena has nicely shaped feet with good breadth between them, low set hock joints, a relatively level top-line, a pretty feminine head with beautifully set ears, and her fore and hind angles are balanced leading to balanced movement.

Rena's Championship judge and breed record breeders thought that she looked just like her Championship mother did at a similar age.

Rena loves cuddling up on your knee when you are at a dog show.  She is very laid back, but she loves chasing her ball and retrieving it.  She is very similar to Cammie in temperament, but she has a lot more bounce than Cammie does.


Rena & Cammie's origins

Rena and Cammie’s breeders very kindly took an precedent step when they not only let us take what looked to me the pick of the litter at 8 weeks of age (Rena), but they did so with the promise that if either of the 2 girls that they ran on at the time looked better than this ‘pick’ that we could either have the 2nd as well or swap one for the other (we would never have gone for the swap option as our dogs are members of our family). 


We met the puppies at 7 1/2 weeks of age, and even in such a large litter 3 females stood out.  One was a tiny little thing that dropped perfectly into stance, and who with a flick of a pastern managed to add that little bit more to her fore-extension.  She was named Rena. 


The other 2 puppies were very similar.  Real chunky monkeys that screamed out look at me.  The girl with a head so strong that her tail had to be lifted to confirm that she was a girl was named Cammie (I was so sure that the breeder had accidentally left out a male until I checked underneath her).  Her sister also had an extremely strong head, and ironically she started off looking to have lovely red pigmentation.  Her story ended at 7 months of age, as she was placed in a pet home.  Although whilst awaiting a new home she still managed to pull in a couple of respectable placements at breed open show level.  Another of the pups went to a breed Championship judge, but she was not shown by him.


At 5 months of age Cammie looked to be better than Rena, but both girls were deemed to still have potential.  At 10 months of age a decision was made.  We decided to have both girls on the basis that Rena may be like her mother and come more into her own when over 2, but in the meantime Cammie looked gorgeous.


We made a decision to prove Rena’s merits within the general open show ring, and to prove Cammie’s in the Breed & General Championship shows.


However as seen above unfortunately Cammie just did not find the confirmation ring as exciting as we did, and not only does a bored GSD not look as nice, but we also only like to show our dogs if they enjoy it as much as we do.

Please do not enquire about puppies from me as I won't be having any.