Sadie’s owner owns some lovely show dogs that we hope bring her a lot of success within the show ring.

Sadie enjoying the great outdoors


These pups were from Ulla’s first litter.  Ulla was deemed so special by her breeder that we had to purchase her, and fiancé and raise a litter for her breeder (with the father of the litter being chosen by her mother’s breeder combined with agreeing to the pups being his pups and not our pups). As the breeder of her mother deemed that they were his puppies they were also not allowed to have our affix on them.


The father of this litter was Sailent Vom Portaner.  Sailent had previously been very successfully used upon one of Ulla’s relatives.  Ulla had 9 pups for her breeder.  However unfortunately 2 days before the pup’s 8th week birthday Ulla’s breeder informed me prior to even seeing pictures of the pups that he had too many dogs, and thus would be unable to retain a pup from this litter.  Instead he placed her pick of the litter (a male) in a pet home, and we were left saddened about Ulla’s loss in terms of being able to prove to the world via her progeny’s show results her potential in terms of breeding ability.  Even more unfortunate was that this puppy was one of the most people focused, toy obsessed, and quickest to learn a new task, and thus this also meant that Ulla lost a valuable opportunity to prove that she could produce highly successful dual-purpose German Shepherd Dogs. 

However we were very lucky that some of her puppy homes decided to maintain contact with us, and we were even luckier to develop a VERY close friendship with some of her pup’s homes.

Ulla’s breeder agreed (we had to find the homes, but her breeder had to agree to the placement of the pups with the most show potential) to let her pick of the litter female go on the basis that she was going to an experienced American competitor who had done very well both in the show and working rings (she has made up Champions in both confirmation and obedience classes).


Keira had lovely pigmentation, and she looked to have the potential to have lovely conformational features. As the biggest of her litter she also unfortunately had the potential to become a little on the large side.  Keira was a very bossy dominant monkey as a puppy.  But her owner felt that her aesthetics & confirmation could stand her in good stead in terms of the show ring, and that she had the potential to do well in the working ring. 


Keira spent most of her childhood in a lovely house in London (I believe that I can recall that at the time her owner’s daughter was being schooled there), and whilst she spent her time in the UK she obtained both her KC bronze and silver good citizen award as a young puppy (the silver was obtained at just 10 months of age). She also completed an agility-training programme (walking through a ladder backwards without touching the rugs, walking around a barrel with her paws upon the top of it, and weaving, etc.)

Later on she was exported to her owner’s ranch in America.  She was shown and placed in a couple of classes in America, and she also thoroughly enjoyed and looked to have the potential to do well in SCH.

Ulla's daughters: Keira, Lexi, Sadie


A puppy from Ulla's 1st litter


Picture Coming Soon


Sadie has been spayed and thus we will never get an opportunity to see whether or not she would have produced some beautiful puppies.  The owner of a top UK show kennel thought that based upon her and her pedigree she had a lot of potential to produce some VERY nice puppies.

To the best of my knowledge all of these girls are spayed. So please do not enquire about puppies from us.


Lexi 4 weeks old


Lexi 2 weeks old


Lexi 3 weeks old


Lexi Eating at 3 weeks old


Lexi 1 week old


Sadie 1 Week old, followed by 2 pictures of her at 2 weeks of age.


Left: Sadie 3 Weeks old


Right: Sadie 4 Weeks old


Above: Sadie 5 Weeks old

Thanks to Lexi’s wonderful owner Fenia I have recently received a few comments that were sent to her about Sadie when she was younger. I have decided to add them to the site for the owners of the litter.


Week 2


First Born Girl (should be golden all over, with very little black on her head)


Week 3


Her red also is starting to darken, and she also looks like she will have very little black on her face


Week 4


This is another puppy that I think will make a very loving and loyal pet.  This is because she also adores her one on one sessions and she actively seeks me out for rubs and attention.

Her favourite spot is behind her ear, and she will stay awake sat beside me with her head on the side far longer than she would if she were to be alone in the box with her family.

She also completed an excellent stand.  I could also drop her straight into it and she would stay there when I removed both of my hands.

I have also noticed that she is displaying some nice fore-movement in that she is really flicking her little legs out.  At this age it is hard to say if she will keep this nice movement.  But combined with her pretty and feminine looks and the aforementioned personality I think that one-day she will also make her owner very proud.


6 weeks and 5 days old.

She is very loving and people focused, who loves nothing more than to lay on your lap whilst getting her ear scratched. She is also very keen on playing with me and her toy. She has started her stand stay, recall and sit training. She loves being the centre of attention so much that I have now had to increase the height of the puppy box twice due to her escaping it and running towards me. She is also a shapely puppy who is showing good foundations of nice movement. This is combined with pretty very feminine features and ears that are extremely well placed (she was the only puppy to put an ear up at 5 weeks of age, and she had 2 ears up today). Overall I love her to bits and I would love her to be placed in a forever home where she will make someone just as happy (if not more).

Sadie belongs to Mrs Young. We only had 1 puppy left when Sadie's owner got in contact with us.  We had several  people to chose from (including an active police officer who owned their own SCH club), but we chose Mrs Young as Sadie's owner, as we felt that Sadie had the most potential to become a pet only & this was because at 7 weeks of age she appeared to have the least working potential (lowest food and prey drive, ability to learn, and she spent most of the time cuddling up to us, as opposed to trying to work out what we wanted from her) and the lowest show potential (for example she had very poor red pigmentation, looked to have  a steep croup and the least potential for a 45 degree shoulder & upper arm blade (not something that a pet owner would notice or care about unless they wanted to show, as most people would not care if the upper arm was 44.5 degrees as opposed to a perfect 45), etc.


She repaid us via showing that even an Ulla puppy with the least potential could go onto obtain the following (despite only going to the aforementioned shows, & despite not being trained extensively and consistently prior to an award being obtained):


Her owner also took her to a working trials trainer and she showed potential to do well including successfully going over the scale, sitting and coming back again combined with successfully tracking. 

Lexie is Ulla’s beautiful long-coated daughter of owner, and she will not be having any puppies, as her owner has spayed her.


Lexie is an extremely mischievous girl who despite all of her cheeky tricks has obtained obedience certificates at her local training club in combination with regularly being chosen as the top puppy within the class & test.


Lexie’s owner is an extremely talented developer of TV programmes (such as Strictly Come Dancing) and owner of a TV company who in 08 and 09 make a TV programme designed to show that rescue dogs have the potential to be trained (with an additional aim that the dogs chosen not only benefited via training but via being advertised for re-homing on the TV). 


We were extremely lucky in that we not only got to watch the final of this programme, but we also got an opportunity to go to the after show party and hob nob with the stars. 

As a puppy Lexie was a big ball of fluff (and yes she turned into an even bigger fluff ball, and somehow she even managed to grow bigger than her mother) who was charging all over, getting up to mischief, tackling male puppies way bigger than herself, and generally being a bundle of fun.  But at the same time she was very loving and people orientated.  We thought that her personality suited her very friendly, fun loving owner.


As an adult Lexie is still an extremely loving and yet naughty child of Fenia, and we hope that she continues to bring her owner a lot of love and hopefully not too many naughty tales to re-enact.

Thanks to Lexie’s wonderful owner (AKA Fenia) I have recently received the emails that were sent to her when Lexie was a tiny puppy. I have decided to add them to the site for the owners of the litter.


Here are the notes that were made specifically about her:


Week 2:


 “In terms of weight number nine is no longer the heaviest puppy.  She is now 125g lighter than the heaviest puppy.  The heaviest puppy is number one.  However he is only just 50g (which is not much in the puppy weight gain stakes) heavier than the second born female.  Thus she appears to be stepping into number nine's boots.”


Week 3:


“Second born girl appears to be especially people focused, and when I am in the box with no socks on she loves nothing more than to suck on my ankles. ”


“On the subject of noise making we introduced a couple of the puppies to our older GSD last night.  As I held them in my lap she covered them in snuffles.  Where as one of my little lads put up with the nose nudging second born girl was having none of it, and after one nose nudge she squared up to the older dog with a sharp bark and growl.  She then continued to give a grumble as if to highlight her point.  This dog responded by giving her a big kiss, before plodding off to her basket. ”


“However maybe the most surprising puppy was second born girl (she really is turning into a little character).  I had placed her near but not next to the bowl, but before I could dip a finger in it she was off like a whippet and dunked her head straight in.  Surrounded by bubbles, more of the stuff going up her nose than in her mouth she seemed to be in heaven.  I think that I missed the photo of the night.  But the image will stay in my mind for a long time.”


Week 4:


“As a long-coat this little girl stands out from the rest of the litter in that her fluffy coat gives her just that extra bit of cuteness.  Thus I may be rather biased in my descriptions of her, as she is now my fluffy little monster.  Overall I think that this baby has great potential.  The previous weeks have shown that she is already displaying the foundations of a real strength of character that is needed in any dog that is to be trained, which will rely on the dog pushing itself towards achieving new goals.  This baby has additional foundational characteristics that I believe would be extremely beneficial to anyone wishing to pursue training. 

“In the previous letter we discussed how her snuffling led to her diving straight into the food without any prompting.  This olfactory prowess has additionally been displayed in her training sessions, in that as soon as she comes out of the box she can smell the food straight away and thus she suddenly becomes very focused in following her nose.

She has also been seen on numerous occasions to follow her nose around the room.   Where as the other puppies either run around like mad hares, or try to go up to something that they have seen or heard she is more content to walk around the room with her nose upon the floor.

Also when out of the box she can sometimes give you a real thoughtful intense stare that harkens the exposure of real intelligence laid dormant in an undeveloped juvenile brain.

Overall the only thing that I can fault her on is that she was not to keen on her stand stays. “

“Aside from this maybe one of my biggest surprises is the amount of gold that she has coming through on her head.  She now has more on her head than the first born girl, and I believe that the only reason that she looks so black arises from the fact that her first long top-coat is hiding her new colour that is coming through.”