Tessa January 21st 2013: coming up to 5 months off her 8th birthday

Tessa has had 2 litters in her entire life.


The kennel club states that the average inbreeding coefficient for the breed is: 3.4%



You can not get better than that!!!


Tessa's 2 existing litters were to 2 different males that were European show lines with working qualifications.

Thus the fact that the fathers of Tessa’s litters were of a different ‘type’ to Tessa herself would have helped to have further increased her pup’s genetic diversity.

None of the father's of Tessa's litters shared 1 common ancestor with Tessa in at least the 5 generations that made up their pup's pedigrees, and this would have also increased their pup's genetic diversity.



Tattooed & micro chipped for further identity

Hip & Elbow scored under general aesthetic 

We decided to not take Tessa to a lot of confirmation shows, because a lot of judges like a GSD to resemble the image you first think of when you imagine the breed which is a black and tan.  Thus although a pure black is NOT a breed fault it can find it harder to do well within the confirmation show ring.

In addition to this Tessa has a long-level top-line, and thus her phenotype or 'cookie cutter shape' does not fall into the current fashion of dogs that have been winning in the confirmation show ring.

Tessa is an extremely loving and chilled out female without a bad bone in her body. 

Tessa is a great lover of walks; especially when they are complete with some cuddles from myself and the rest of our 'pack'.

Tessa like her sister Bluebell has always been very good with youngsters.

Tessa is a very eye catching female that the general public usually compliment when they meet her in person.

Tessa's dam and sire were both bred by:


Asoka were famous for:

Tessa's progeny

Tessa has numerous progeny that have their KC good citizens.

For example Ruby from her 2nd litter has her KC bronze, silver, and gold good citizen.

A second Ruby who was also from her 2nd litter has her KC bronze & silver good citizen as a young puppy prior to her 12th month birthday,



Tessa also has a daughter who lives with a successful obedience couple who had been training her to competitive obedience level (they were aiming to achieve a high enough standard of training to win out of the hardest classes before competing with her, they did not want to compete with her until she was at least 2 – 3 years of age, and their last report was that her training was at a very good standard complete with VERY flashy obedience and a love of the retrieving her dumbbell, but unfortunately a current change of circumstances will mean that they can't compete with her this moment in time).  This home said that she also has tons of potential to do competitive agility, but that they are unfortunately not in a position to be able to compete in this.  We wish her home loads of luck with her.

This kennel was in it's relative infancy when I had the litters that I had from Tessa. 

A natural stance: Tessa out for a walk on a windy day: 14 months of age


Tessa as a puppy1st place & Best Puppy in Breed winner & Best of Breed

Tessa's mother is a level top-lined  natural self stacker who displays balance and fluidity in her movement even at nearly 10 years of age.

Tessa's half sister is a Best Puppy in Breed, Group placement, 1st place & bronze good citizen holder alongside being multiple Crufts qualified, and a joint 9th top puppy winner despite going to a limited number of shows (84 puppies won a chance that year to be on that list).

Tessa's half sister has been highly commended by judges amongst other factors on her extremely strong hock action, feet pointing forwards, natural stacking ability, pigmentation, etc.

Despite this I believe that one of Tessa's strengths may lay in producing agility potential.

This of course will be dependent upon each individual pup, as it is impossible to predict the exact future of any puppy.

I believe this because:

Her father had a litter to her mother's litter sister, and these puppies had a gorgeous fluid and extremely light on their feet motion, Tessa's litter sister Bluebell excelled in this even when she got to nearly 40kg, and this fluidity can also be seen within Tessa herself.

This fluidity was noted and complimented by an active agility competitive judge who owns a puppy from Bluebell who has successfully competed within agility.   This female also obtained her silver and bronze good citizen award prior to 5 months of age, and she was hip and elbow scored without the use of sedation or GA despite which she got a BVA hip score of 8 and a BVA elbow score of 0!  This pup's father also had a BVA hip score of 17.

The daughter of Bluebell went to a male that this judge owns who has been successful in agility competition, and not only did this judge retain 2 pups to compete with herself but the rest also attracted successful agility competitors.

Another daughter of Bluebell should also be competing in agility hopefully within 2013, and in the meantime she is Gold, silver, bronze good citizen awarded, PAT qualified (she does AMAZING work  in the places she attends), a 1st place winner in confirmation at WALCSS level, and a 3rd place in special beginners in an obedience class.  She also has a BVA hip score of 12, and her father's hip score total was 7.

This daughter of Bluebell has also had her 1st litter, and she already appears to be attracting homes interested in competing in agility alongside other working sports.

Tessa's litter sister competes in agility at club level, and although her owner has been recommended to compete elsewhere she finds the amount of time spent hanging around such shows of no interest (I can understand this as when competing you do a lot of hanging around).

Tessa's half sister has had a litter who has puppies within it that when old enough should also be hopefully be competing in agility alongside experienced and more novice agility competition homes (the other puppies may hopefully also be obtaining their good citizen awards alongside competing in obedience, working trials, confirmation, and also possibly SCH ... another of Tessa's half sister's progeny already has his BH award).

So Tessa's lines appear to be making a stamp in the agility world attracting agility judges and experienced competitors alike.

Elsa A Female 16 Week Old Pup: A Tessa Pup (From Tessa's 1st litter at nearly 3 years of age)

Line Breeding

All of the above would have greatly assisted the genetic diversity within Tessa's pups.

UK lines can contain line breeding. 

This was one of the reasons for why I chose the above males as a father of Tessa's pups (alongside many many more complicated reasons linking to a wide verity of aspects).

Tessa's pups will have the following line breeding in their dam's side of their pedigree.

3 - 3: A dog (Asoka Juno) which according to the kennel club has a genetic coefficient of 0.1% (which is way below the breed average of 3.4%m and she has produced the following BVA hip scores: 5, 10, 13 alongside BVA 0 elbows.
4 - 4: Asoka Storm (kennel club genetic coefficient: 4.2%) & Choice Girl Rosie (
(kennel club genetic coefficient: 0.6%)
5 - 5 - 5: Asoka Bartok (
kennel club genetic coefficient: 0.4%) & Asoka Erika (kennel club genetic coefficient: 2.7%) & Vagabond Jake & Ebony Bambino (kennel club genetic coefficient: 1.5%).

The dog who is not below the breed average which appears twice in the pup's 4th generation of their pedigree is only 0.8% above the breed average.

Thus although Tessa's pups will have line breeding upon their mother's side of their pedigree, because the dogs that have been line bred upon have very good genetic coefficients this should also hopefully help towards Tessa's pup's genetic diversity.

Tessa only had 2 litters in her entire life.