Troy is:


Proven at stud:

1st litter (maiden none progesterone tested female): 9 puppies
2nd litter (none progesterone tested & had a litter of 2 puppies to a DIFFERENT male previously): 8 puppies
3rd litter (maiden none progesterone tested female whom had missed to a DIFFERENT male on 2 occasions despite being progesterone tested): 7 puppies

4th litter (none progesterone tested & single encounter): 9 puppies

5th litter (maiden female & 2 encounters): 8 puppies

Tattooed for identity


BVA hip score: total 10

BVA elbow score: total 0

Haemophilia status: Clear


Troy’s litter sister's BVA hip score total: 9

Troy's litter sister's BVA elbow score total: 0

Troy's litter sister's BVA hip score total: 14

Troy's litter sister's BVA elbow score total: 0

Troy's litter sister: Lab tests on liver & kidney: Clear

Troy's litter sister: Cardiology tested: Clear

Troy's 1/2 sibling's (same father) hip and elbow scores are influenced by their mother's genetics which may have no links to Troy and environment. 

Having said  this Troy's 1/2 siblings hip and elbow scores include: BVA total 10, 11, 12, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Troy's 1/2 siblings elbow scores include: 7 x BVA total 0


Father: PD gene clear

Grandmother on his mother’s side: PD gene clear


Multiple 1st place winner at open class level

Troy is a short-coated male.

There is a chance that Troy may carry the long-coat gene, as both of his parents did. 


Troy has no in-breeding or line-breeding in the 4 generations of his pedigree that will make up his pup’s 5 generation pedigree


Black and tan


Depending upon the female’s genetics Troy can produce:


Troy's Verbal critiques includes:

"He is very very nice and very very handsome.  All of the pups are very nice with very nice movement, I am surprised how good the pup's movement is in terms of their ages, all of the pups had very good feet and gentle sloping pasterns which are very important to me as I have a sledging breed, they also all had correct fronts.  If he had kept his ears up I would have considered him for a higher placement.  " All rounder


Troy's Parents

SG1 Champion Conbhairean Waro

7 CC & 2 RCC

Group 2 (Richmond Championship show)

2012 British Adult Seiger

2010 British Youth Seiger

Reserve Top dog 2011 (only beaten by 4 points by Champion Crufts Group 1 winner Elmo)

Crufts qualified for life


Hips: A stamp normal

Elbows: A stamp normal

Haemophilia & PD tested: clear



VG / SG Merjuke Hope

Crufts 1st place winner

Multiple Group 2 winner

Multiple Best of Breed winner

Multiple Best Puppy in breed winner

Multiple VG graded

Multiple VP graded

Gold KC good citizen holder
Silver KC good citizen holder

Bronze KC good citizen holder

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score total of 9 & 0 elbows.

Hope's son has a BVA total hip score of 10 & a BVA elbow score of 0 & he is Haemophilia clear.

Hope's daughter has a BVA hip score total of 14 & a BVA elbow score of 0.

Multiple 1st place producer

Multiple Puppy Group position producer

Multiple Best Puppy In Breed producer

Best of Breed producer

Crufts qualifier produced

Multiple VP graded producer

Demonstration dog producer

Reserve Best Puppy in show & reserve best standard coat & reserve best sable (each time beaten by older males) at a WALCS show producer

Hope was from our 1st ever pure European show line litter & she was the only one in her litter.

As Hope was the only one in her litter she has no litter siblings with BVA hip or elbow scores, but her 1/2 siblings have the following BVA hip & elbow scores:

BVA hip scores: 8, 9, 9 & 10 (same father)

BVA hip scores: 7 & 9 (same mother)

BVA elbow scores: 0, 0 (same father)

BVA elbow scores 0 (same mother)

Hope's niece (her niece's father is Hope's 1/2 brother & her niece's mother is Bluebell) has a BVA hip score of 12.

Stud Terms

Stud fee: £200

Troy's father was £450 BEFORE he took his first CC (became a Champion, etc.), and he resides near Fife which can be quite a long journey for a lot of people.  To get Troy's Grandmother's lines we had to purchase her and have an entire litter for her breeder.  Troy's father's breeders also obtained his lines via taking some of the dogs that are within Troy's pedigree to top winning / producing lines.

I do not aim to profit from my hobby of keeping GSD dogs (any stud fees we get will just go towards covering some of Troy's annual costs).  So I am happy for female owners to introduce Troy's lines at a fraction of the cost that we had to endure to get these lines.

I would especially recommend that you progesterone tested a female prior to bringing her (either once or twice with approximately 48 hours between dependent upon what the laboratory recommends you to do based on your results), or I would recommend that you brought your female on two occasions with approximately 48 hours between visiting him.

If following the above the female where then not to become pregnant it must be presumed that she was either brought on the wrong day (females can ovulate at any point during their season whatever physical signs they are showing), had a split or silent season where she did not ovulate, etc.

Because of this on the condition that she is still within your ownership and it is within a 18 month period of her first attempt to have a litter to my stud dog if you wanted to try and mate her again to this same stud dog we would especially recommend that you progesterone tested her before you brought her for a single free return (the laboratory that I have previously used when taking my females to outside stud dogs recommends one mating on a certain day based on my female's progesterone results). As well as saving you time from travelling to a stud dog multiple times a female may also benefit from only having a single return, as some females can become very stressed if they repetitively encounter a male when they are not ready / past the point of ovulation. You can of course still bring her back for a single free return without progesterone testing, but I personally would not recommend it on the basis that you may once again be wasting your time if for example she already ovulated over a week ago. 

I am happy with my litter to Troy’s father.  He produced lovely heads, thick coats, good bone, and strong hock joints to a female with these same attributes.  He improved head pigmentation, improved upper arm placement, and he also did not produce big examples of the breed / over-sized dogs.  Unsurprisingly he was Reserve Top Stud dog at 2012’s British Seiger.  The British Seiger 2012’s top stud dog (Elmo) is related to Troy’s mother, and this dog also shares a lot of pedigree similarities with our female Milly.

I used Troy's father not only because he had attributes that I thought complimented his mother, and not only because of his top winning and producing sire line (including a UK Champion with gorgeous movement), but because he had a very strong dam line that had produced time and time again for his breeders.  

This line is in fact so top producing that not only has it produced multiple UK Champions for them, but also to the best of our knowledge the highest winning GSD ever bred by a British kennel at the German Seiger.

Troy's Grandparents


Bred by a Scottish top Championship kennel who have bred the highest ever British winning male GSD in the German Seiger (2011).

Despite this dog & other top winning dogs not being campaigned within the UK dad's breeders still managed to obtain Top GSD kennel & breeder 2011, top GSD puppy 2011, Top GSD puppy male & Top GSD puppy female 2011, top GSD dam 2011, 3rd top GSD female (2nd place was Sadie / Faye / Troy's dad's 1/2 sister). 


Although dad's breeders did not take the 2011 top sire ironically this position was won by Sadie / Faye / Troy's Grandfather (their dad's own father) giving them links to all of the UK's 2011 top winning spots.

Dad's UK Champion (with 3 CC and 2 RCC) litter sister who was the 3rd top winning 2011 UK female (beaten to 2nd place by her Champion & top German winning 1/2 sister) & top female 2010 at Essington club and she has a BVA hip score of 6 & BVA elbow score of 0.

Dad is the cousin of the highest ever British winning male GSD in the German Seiger (2011 & 2012).

Dad's litter siblings hip scores include: BVA 6, 9, 11

Dad's litter siblings elbow scores include: 0, 0

Dad's litter brother is also hemophilia & PD tested clear.

Dad has produced the following hip BVA scores: 10, 11, 12, 12, 14, 15, 16

Dad has produced the following elbow BVA scores: 6 x 0

We used Waro several days before he took his 1st CC.  It was nice to see our confidence in him as a potential top winning dog pay off. 

V Floro degli Achei 


Hip: A stamp normal

Elbow: A stamp normal

His litter brother is: VA9 & Reserve Junior Seiger & double VA1 (CSV) SCH3 IPO2 KKL1 A stamp normal hips & elbows Furbo (he in turn is the sire of VA6 & VA13 & Reserve Junior Seiger SCH3 FH1 KKL1 A stamp hips Paer, and VA10 & Junior Seiger SCH3 KKL1 A stamp hips Godalis, and V5 & USA VA1 SCH3 KKL1 A stamp hips Bill)

His 1/2 sister (same mother) is: VA5 V4 SG11 SCH3 & IPO3 Chanell (she in turn is the mother of 2010 SG8 Panja & 2010 SG10 Paola & 2011 SG6 Stella & SG14 Sam & Chanell's VA1 father is the Grandfather of Millie (Hope's 1/2 sister), as well as being the Grandfather of Sadie / Faye / Troy's Champion father's Champion 1/2 sister via her dam's lines)

He is the producer of:

3 x UK Champions (to two dams) & a 4th female who is a RCC winner

2010 German Junior Seigerin

A British Youth Seiger

A UK 3rd top stud dog (the top stud was a German Seiger & the Reserve was a UK Champion who is related to dad via this dog’s World Champion & German Seiger Great-Grandfather)

He has produced the following BVA hip scores:

6, 9, 11, 11

He has produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

He has also produced:

Haemophilia & PD tested clear males

Champion SG Conbhairean Leska

UK Champion

5 CC & 1 with a BOB & 4 RCC

1 CC & 1 RCC was taken in Veteran in 2012.  In the show she took the CC Waro took the male CC & BOB!

Top UK dam 2011

SG87 German Seiger 2006



Hip scored: A stamp normal

Elbow scored: A stamp normal

Bred by the aforementioned top Scottish Champion producing kennel.

She is the 1/2 sister (same father) of: 2010 V2 VA3 dog (Holland) SCH3, and a UK’s 3rd top winning dam 2010 & the 5th top dam of 2009 (she in turn is the mother of a litter which included an unbeaten SCH2 KKL1 A stamp normal hip & elbows UK Champion & his Champion UK top puppy 09 SCH2 KKL1 litter sister whose Seiger father is the aforementioned Grandfather of Milly (Hope's 1/2 sister), as well as being the Grandfather of Sadie / Faye / Troy's Champion father's Champion 1/2 sister via her dam's line.)

She is the 1/2 sister (same mother) of: a UK & top winning bitch 07 & a V & SCH1 & KKL1 (she in turn is the mother of 3 top winning dogs including a German Seiger SG5 & 2011 V7 SCH3 & a Jamaican Champion & a top winning male 09), and a runner up top winning puppy 08 etc, and a 6th top dam 08 & the Reserve top dam 09 who is the mother of a Champion (only beaten 2 – 3 times in her life), etc.

She is the dam of 2 Champions & a British Youth Seiger

She has produced the following BVA hip scores:

6, 7, 9, 11, 11

She has produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0, 0, 0

She has also produced:

A stamp normal hips & elbows, Haemophilia & PD clear tested males.


British Youth Seiger Mondschatten Fury

Successfully shown within the UK & German
06/07/08 Crufts qualified

Bred by a Champion producing English kennel who have success both in the UK & in Germany
1/2 sibling (same father): SG16 SCH2 KKL1 Hips A normal Aryba & SG19 SCH3 KKL1 Twin

Hip scored: BVA 5

Produced the following BVA hip scores:

8, 9, 9 & 10

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0 & 0


Peterwell's Uschi

silver & bronze good citizen (she may one day be taken for her gold)

Winner of 14 x 1ST PLACES, BOB, 4 x BEST PUPPY, & 1 x BEST PASTORAL PUPPY awards (etc)

Bred by a Welsh kennel who were the Irish Seiger top kennel winner & who are a Champion producing kennel

She is the 1/2 sister (same father) of a UK Champion who was the winner of at least 25 tickets.

Hips: BVA 10

Elbows: BVA 0

She is the producer of Multiple VP, VG, BPIB, BOB, Group 2, 1st place, Gold & silver & bronze good citizen holders alongside being a producer of a 1st place winner at Crufts.

Produced the following BVA hip scores (mum's 1/2 siblings):

7 & 9

Produced the following BVA elbow scores:

0, 0

Grandmother of 3 pups (whose mother is Hope) with the following BVA scores:

BVA hips: 9, 10, 14

BVA elbows: 0, 0, 0

Heamophilia tested clear male

Grandmother of a female (whose mother is Bluebell) with the following BVA hip score:


Her 1st litter for us contained a singleton (Hope), and the only female in her 2nd litter was a long-coat although a son of hers  from this litter did go to a couple of shows (VP graded & a 1st place winner).


Merjuke's Spartan (Troy)