Callie and Dolly who passed away in 2008

We decided to NOT have puppies from Dolly (our PUG) once it turned out that her lines carried thyroid & skin / hair deformation genes.  We also found that the breed suffered terrible eye problems (upon purchase we were informed to always have antibiotic eye drops in).   Dolly and my other pugs came from one of the best breeders / Crufts breed judge in the country, etc.


We also decided to NOT have puppies from another female that was related to Dolly whom we still own not only because of this, but also because she is epileptic in addition to later developing further health issues resulting to her skin and intestines.  The same alas was true for her brother whom went onto have several operations to correct serious health problems. 


We showed all 3 of these pugs all over the country (including Bournemouth & were present at Crufts although my pug alas was out of coat for this show).  They went to breed Championship and breed open, general Championship and general open shows.  With big 1st places and wins to their names a lot of people would have looked no further than the fact that their wins and top pedigrees (i.e. sired by some of the biggest Champions around) could have resulted in an average litter size of 6+ puppies at £1300 per pet puppy, but we are NOT that sort of people.


Which is why we will still NEVER breed from our pug that we still own.

Although we informed people of the problems within the lines most of it was swept under the carpet, and our information was not passed on despite the fact that people were very closely breeding upon the father (etc.) of my pugs. At this point I decided that I could not remain in a breed which was prepared to hide aspects relating to horrific diseases such as epilepsy, and so despite the fact I was offered a gorgeous pug puppy that could have brought my name a LOT of success I instead decided to come out of the breed.


Pugs are lovely animals that are adorable to look at and which act like the most affectionate funny mischievous members of your family, but the breed broke my heart. 



Callie's Old English show lined winner of confirmation classes Father.  His litter brother produced another Old English show-lined CC & BOB winning sable male at breed Championship level


Callie's Old English show lined winner of confirmation classes Father in colour (and this is a photo of a photo which really goes to show how red he is!). 


Callie's Old English show lined Junior Warrant winning sable Grandfather.


Callie’s Champion Great-Grandfather.  Between her Great-Grandfather, and his litter sister, and Champion litter brother they won 9 CCs & 4 RCCs.

Callie's aforementioned sable Old English show lined CC & BOB winning male at breed Championship level Uncle.

Callie’s aforementioned Champion Great-Grandfather in stance.

Retracing A Single Male Line Through 3 Generations Of Callie’s Pedigree


Bred by the kennel that:


Callie’s pedigree contains UK obedience lines, Old English lines, and very old German imported lines.

Thus her pedigree was designed with an aim for her to be capable of having & producing brains & beauty

Callie has 13 champions in 5 generations of her pedigree.

Callie also has an obedience Champion in her pedigree (to the best of her breeder's knowledge as the dog resided abroad).

Callie's breeder’s age prevented her from competing although she aimed to breed to her same previous levels, & thus there could have been more champions in Callie's pedigree if she had of continued to compete.


This bronze good citizen holder & Crufts qualifying son of Callie’s has working & European show lines within his pedigree via his father’s lines.


To the right is his Grandmother (his dad's mother), and below this text box is her son (his father). 


His Grandmother is a Tiekerhook (European working lines and active police dog producers) & Limasmythe (stemming off UK obedience / police dog producing / UK European show lines) daughter. 


His father is a son of SCH III Zasko (European show lines with working qualifications as well in his case being an active police dog producer).  Both his Grandmother and Grandfather have produced active police dogs including the one seen on ITV’s Send in the dogs.


As can be seen in the picture there is influence within his head from the different types of lines, and he cannot be immediately identified as being Old English lines via his head.


Above: A puppy from Callie's last litter who we called Mischief:

This pup's ears were already on the way up.  She is the most adventurous puppy in the litter,  with a real cheeky puppy naughty streak to her name, but as much as she loves exploring the world around her she is also a real cuddle bunny and she loves nothing more than to be kissed and cuddled.  Often to be found waggling her legs in the air on your lap in pure delight at being snuggled.

We made a decision to have Callie spayed & so she won't be having any more puppies

We have directly retained 3 puppies from Callie & indirectly retained 2 puppies (5 puppies in total)


Callie had litters to 4 males for us.

3 of these males were NOT owned by us.

We purchased the 4th male who was NOT a cheap male run of the mill male to obtain.

We had a German imported hip scored male that we could have used on her for her 3rd litter, but we instead decided to use an outside stud.





Micro-chipped for identity


Hip & elbow scored: Under general anaesthetic at approximately 17 1/2 months of age after living in an open planned house, and having a thing for jumping midway down the stairs, etc.



Producer of singular value hip scores (i.e. 4 & 9) and perfect elbows (i.e. 0) (another dog was predicted to be this, but the home never submitted the x-rays to the BVA)

Grandmother of singular value hip scores (i.e. total 8) and perfect elbows (i.e. 0) despite said dog being scored without the use of sedation or GA.

Her sister who did not live in an open planned house who was scored approximately a week off her 2nd birthday came back with a BVA hip score of 5 & an elbow score of 0, and her litter sister in turn who was hip scored at over 2 1/2 came back with a hip score total of 10.


Callie will work for the sake of working alone, food, and a toy.  She also loves hunting for hidden items (including when one is thrown in with identical items which she has to use her nose to work out which item was the recently held one).



But unfortunately at the time she was my 1st show GSD.  Not only did I lack knowledge about correctly showing a GSD, but in the final line up she stared bouncing up and down like a kangaroo when she saw her dad which resulted in her being demoted by 2 places (which took her a place past being Crufts qualified.)


We purchased Callie at an older age than usual, and she spent her first few months camping over several days every week. We believe this is the underlying reason behind her boredom when entered into confirmation shows (a bored GSD looks terrible).  Thus despite her being placed in a couple of open & Championship shows (e.g. 1st place in junior) and judges at a CC awarding & Crufts level stating that we should show her we decided to withdraw her from the show ring. It is a personal preference that our dogs only compete if they enjoy it.


Level top-line / straight back

Over top-size as per UK breed standard

Producer of lower limit - over top-size GSD dogs as per UK breed standard

Short-coat that masks the long-coat gene

Dark masked black and tan that masks the pure black gene

Callie's daughter (whom we own):



Callie’s son (whom we do NOT own)


Callie's daughter (whom we do NOT own):



Callie's daughter (whom we own)



Callie's daughter (whom we own)



Callie's son (whom we do not own):



Callie has several other progeny that have taken places in confirmation shows & that have taken good citizen awards (there are too many awards too mention)


 Callie's Progeny

Callie's Granddaughter (whom we do NOT own)



Callie's Granddaughter (whom we do NOT own)



Callie's Granddaughter (whom we do NOT own)



Callie's Granddaughter (whom we do NOT own)



Callie's Grandson  (whom we do NOT own)



Callie has several other Grand-progeny that have good citizen awards, etc.



Callie’s puppies could carry out lovely obedience at a very young age (i.e. drop on recalls before 16 weeks of age, out of sight stays, and informal retrieves before 8 weeks of age).


A wide verity of vets, people within the breed, etc. have declared their amazement at her puppies temperaments, and we have several times been contacted by people who have seen our dogs in the street & have asked for our details as they would like a puppy just like the puppy / dog that they have seen.

Line breeding

The kennel club states that Callie's genetic coefficient value is: 1.3%

This is far better than the breed average of 3.2%

Callie has NO in-breeding in her 5 generation pedigree
Callie has 1 line breed in her 5 generation pedigree
The line breed is 4 - 5 on a UK Champion
This means that her progeny will have NO line breeding on their dam's side of their pedigree


The dog pictured above is the UK Champion that Callie is line bred on (he appears once in her 4th generation and once in her 5th generation).

This Champion in turn sired at least 4 other UK Champions!